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Feb. 19/2000 Wow, it's been so long since I did anything with this page... Maybe I'll redesign it ^^; I don't have any time lately @_@ (wanna see why? LASM, my "baby" ^^;. In design pretty much since about the time i stopped this one..)

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My Shrines! I can't have just one. So I made several!
The Great Debate This one's kinda confusing...maybe you can help me out!
Fushigi Yuugi Logo Packs for Win95!!!



SPOILERS!!!!! Do not enter unless you've seen the episodes (unless you really enjoy spoilers...)

Tamahome's Family Tama-chan's charging a fee if you haven't seen the episodes for this one. Just a warning ^_^
Nuriko Down at the moment; still rewriting.

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*NEW!!* All FY-specific fanclubs and webrings will be in here!! Anime-general ones will either be located here or on a different page, if need be.

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worshippers of Suzaku and Seiryuu have stopped by ^^

Which reminds me, it's fall now! Stop worshipping Suzaku-seikun and start worshipping Seiryuu-seikun! ^.^ You don't have to though; just a little hint :D

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Tooya's Adoration Society

I feel compelled to explain this. Okay, it's not Fushigi Yuugi, but LOOK at him!!! He's GORGEOUS!! He's right up there on my Anime Hunks (upcoming) list, probably vying for number one spot with Kamui. And I've only JUST heard about him, about half an hour as I write this at 4 am on Saturday morning. Look at that hair, that eye... Any more reasons (several pages worth) can be found there at the fanclub. While you're there, go to the links page and check out Tooya no Miko's Tooya Shrine, as well as the other Ayashi no Ceres links. It is by the same author though, so it's really no wonder he's such a bishounen. Anyway, go check him out!

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Ayashi no Ceres and Tooya are also copyright Watase Yuu and Shogakukan (spelling?). Bigbig thanks to the FYML and various members of thereof for mentioning this series a few times, and to The Anime Web Turnpike for providing a teensy list of links to get me going. I started with Tasuki no Miko's Ayashi no Ceres page; again, apologies for having no URL at the moment. Gomenasai!

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