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Improvising classical styles on the guitar: a challenge that Daniele Russo has accepted and successfully conquered, after completing regular guitar studies.

Since his second debut in Milan for the "Società dei Concerti" with a totally based improvisation recital, he regularly performs classical improvisations in Italy and abroad. 

Today, he is probably the only guitarist in the world to offer such a recital.

Far from considering it just a  sterile intellectual exercise, according to Daniele improvisation is first of all an extremely powerful medium to communicate emotions.

That's why he decided to devote himself to this ancient and intriguing art.

  A short Curriculum 

Daniele Russo began to study guitar in the class of  Mauro Storti, instructor at Piacenza Conservatory. A few years later he made his debut with the Gioventù Musicale d'Italia, being greeted by public ands critics as one of  the best young Italian promises of  the guitar.

Later he graduated in only two years at Novara Conservatory, taking a Diploma under the guidance of  Roberto da Barp. His instrumental style matured in touch of masters such as Oscar Ghiglia, Alirio Diaz, Guillermo Fierens and Eliot Fisk.

Daniele is a long experienced professional composer of soundtracks and songs too, with a specialization in MIDI technologies and digital simulation of orchestral sounds.

And his artistic experiences are not only related with music.
In fact he studied painting with his father Fernando, famous Italian sciences painter and cartographer, and as a photographer he had several collaborations with magazines and exhibitions in Italy and abroad. He is also very keen on Physics and Astronomy.

Needless to say, Daniele Russo considers improvisation the result of all his artistic experiences.


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October 22th, 1998                                        e-mail:danimpr@tin.it
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