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updated Dec.19'98


****My grammer and spelling SUCKS! So if you see things that are a little odd, please let me know'*****

well it's time for the holliday break here wear I am. Allehluia! I am just kickin around and hangin' with some friends. If anyone would like to tell me about their holliday season feel free to e-mail me or guest book it.

There is a big cafoofal (my own word) about the new singles. I havn’t heard ANY of the new ones either Jackie’s Strength or Raspberry Swirl. I live in a no man’s land that doesn’t get anything unless you import them. I have heard that Canada (my country ) has Jackie’s Strength and it’s just not in my area. The Raspberry Swirl WAS in the U.K , but it got taken back. I tried to find out why, but the typing at ‘The Dent” was to small fot me to read. But ‘Raspberry Swirl ‘ is a live and Kickin’ in Germany! If you know more please e-mail me.

TORI WAS ON ROSEANNE! I didn’t think it would be that great of a talk show, but I guess I was wrong! I have yet to see it too! I was out and I didn’t know about it either, but a friend taped it for me. It was on Oct.1 1998, apparently she performed ‘Jackie’s Strength’ and ‘Me and a Gun’. I will right more on it when I see it.

It's got to be big.

-Tori Amos

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