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Welcome to my
     Fanfics - Pokémon stories
     Pokédex - the list of Pokémon
     TM/HM List - the TM's and HM's
     Gym Leaders and Elite 4 - the gym leaders and the Elite 4
     Pictures - Pics and animated pics
     Episode Guide - All the episodes of Pokémon
     Pokémon Quiz - Are you a Pokémon expert?
     Misc. - Misc. info on Pokémon
     PokéPoll - Who's your favorite Pokémon?
     Pokémon Guide - Need help on getting Pokémon? The info is all right here!
     Music - Pokémon theme song
     Vaporeon2k's Pokémon Center! - My other site- a Pokémon Center!

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Weepinbell's Pokémon Fanfic Collection - Pokémon stories.

Pokémon Fanfic Archives
- More Pokémon stories.

A Pokémon House
- Has a good Pokédex.

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