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[RE:  Inquiry - New mercenary unit]
[Summation/Report:  1st Volunteer “Pale Riders” Armored Cavalry Regiment]
[From: Lt. Laura Scott Marson 10.27.22]

On February 2, 3015 Hanse Davion commissioned the formation of three true armored cavalry regiments or ACR’s.  These were the 1st Praxis ACR, The 2nd Crucis ACR, and the 3rd Sirus ACR.
     An ACR is a self contained, reinforced regimental combined arms unit that is both highly mobile, and extremely hard-hitting.  What makes an ACR so effective is the fact that artillery, supply, support and logistical elements are organic at the regimental, battalion, and to a lesser degree company levels as opposed to regimental or divisional alone.
     An ACR is typically used for security or as a part of a corps or joint task force where it usually serves as a reconnaissance and/or screening element for a divisional unit.  Alternatively, an ACR’s cavalry squadron (ACS) can play the same roles on a smaller scale.  The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd AFFS ACRs, in keeping with the ancient tradition of cavalry units, re-designated their units as; platoon (lance), troop (company), squadron (battalion), and regiment.  The ACR regiments have three cavalry squadrons, one air cavalry squadron, and one support squadron.
     The 1st Praxis ACR’s first assignment was garrison duty on the planet Kentaras IV.  There they took advantage of the open spaces and abandoned cities to perform a series of work-ups and intensive maneuver and cohesiveness training over the course of 5 months to get everyone accustomed to the tactics and dynamics of a cavalry unit.  During this time the command staff of the 1st ACR had the benefit of a number of advisors including Prof. Darien Weis, chair of the Military History Department of the New Avalon Military Academy.
     From Kentaras IV the 1st ACR rotated to Mallory’s world and for the next 7 years it’s units were representative in almost every major offensive and defensive campaign along the Capellan March/Laio Border.  On more than one occasion the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd cavalry squadrons of the 1st ACR were reported to have destroyed or routed enemy units larger than their own.  On one occasion in particular, elements of the 2nd ACS and 4th Air Cav forced the retreat of the 1st and 2nd Ariana Fusiliers Regiments while suffering only minor casualties.  This was accomplished by a series of daring artillery raids that decimated the Fusiliers' supply lines, thus forcing them to withdraw.  The troopers of the 1st ACR gained respect from other mechwarriors on both sides of the boarder, but did not gain much notoriety as a regimental unit in and of its self.  This is most likely because the regiment fought very few battles as a unit.  Usually the three ACS’s, supported by elements of the 4th Air Cavalry and 5th Support squadrons, were serving as screening and reconnaissance or security for other Davion regiments.
     In  3022 the entire regiment was recalled to Kentares IV, where they were briefed on a new assignment and told to await further orders.  In the meantime, documents were signed, family members were gathered, and a small handful of troopers were re-assigned to other units on garrison duty along the periphery.  One week after the June 1st, 3022 signing of the F-C Document by Hanse Davion and Katrina Steiner, the orders were given.  The entire 1st Praxis Armored Cavalry Regiment resigned their commissions (with written guarantees of re-instatement upon request), loaded up all of their mechs and equipment onto awaiting commercial dropships, and took off for what has been speculated to be Lyran Space.
     Three weeks after the mass resignation an, up until now, unheard of mercenary regiment, The 1st Volunteer “Pale Riders” Armored Cavalry Regiment, newly registered with Comstar, signed on with House Steiner on the planet Donegal.  It is, strangely enough, an ACR nearly identical in size and configuration to the quite recently mustered out 1st Praxis ACR formerly of House Davion’s regular armed forces. 

I believe it is safe to say that The Fox is being clever again.

[end report]_

  Enter 1st Volunteer ACR

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