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A Haven For The Dark Side Of Religion and Reality
So here's the basic deal... Be it that I am no longer overly concerned about reality and religion, I have no desire to update this page. So, don't expect to see anything new. I have, however, just FINISHED the web site for my band, Captain Jack. If you want to see FINISHED PAGE, go to Captain Jack's House o' Love. Thanks guys...
The Beginning of the End
  • This is it... the start of my attempt to describe my beliefs.
The Other Side
  • A Collection of Information on Other Realities
Really Weird Pictures
  • Real Pictures from my life!
The Lighter Side of the Darker Side
  • Excellent Twisted Comedy
Links To Alternate Beliefs
  • Important religious and non-religious beliefs
Links That Don't Touch Other Realities
  • Just a bunch of fun places to go
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