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Last updated on 6 October 2001

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Surnames that are found at this site [more to come...]

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To find the surname reference, just click on the appropriate name. You may have to scroll down a little. If there is more than one sub-page that contains that surname, your first contact will be to the page that is considered by the author, to be more representative of the surname within the context of this site. There will be another connection link near the multiple surname.

Alyman Armstrong Arthurs Avery Beaton Bond Boundy
Boychuk Boyd Brember Bridge Calwell Caputo Cavan
Conway Cook Cressey Delgarino Deluca Dickey Duhaine
Ferguson Flicks Flynn Gray Harrison Holtom Igerich
Irbite Kilby Lan Langlois Laur MacKay MacKenzie
MacLeod Marshall McMullin Melanson Messier Metheany Misener
Montgomery Myers Patterson Pirie Porter Poulin Racicot
Renena Renault Roberts Sampson Schurman Sharp Tario
Tersigni Vallee Walbourne Welwood Whab Young Zaffini

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There are voices of the past,
links of a broken chain,
wings that can bear me back to times
which cannot come again;
Yet God forbid that I should lose
the echoes that remain!
Please send me links, corrections, photos, etc. I welcome all input;
but reserve editorial right. To contact, just click below.

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Site Construction Info

Family Tree Project
Created by
H. Frank Myers

This site is based on four families who are tied together through the marriage of Glenda Jean Arthurs and Henry Franklin Myers (their Grandparents). On Glenda's side they are ARTHURS and BOYD. On Frank's side they are MYERS and ARMSTRONG.

I am currently searching and working on these surnames and relations. So anyone who can help me extend them, I will add an URL link to their sites or include pertinent information here.

This site is continually under development. The pagemaster is hoping that all family members and anyone else that has 'relative' information will forward it through e-mail to make this the most informative site for generations to come.

For those 'family' members who don't want to use the front door (home page) entrance, you can bookmark the page on the site that is shown in your 'Location' indicator and jump straight to that page. Of course, my counter will not indicate that you visited, but Heh! family is special is it not?

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