Sailor Jupiter

English Name - Lita
Japanese Name - Kino Makoto
Birthday - December 5 (Sagitarius)
Favorite Color - Green
Hobbies - Cooking and Boys
Favorite Food - Cherry Pie
Favorite Subject - Home Economics

Power Transformations - Jupiter Power and Jupiter Star Power
Weapons - Venus Pen and Communicator
Attacks - Jupiter thunder crash, Jupiter thunder dragon, Jupiter thundercrash zap, and Sailor planet attack

Lita is the fourth sailor to show up. Like amy, she was a new student at the school. Lita however had a repuation of being very violent, in fact she got kicked out of her old school because she got into too many fights. Nobody dared to talk to the girl, so when she was alone, Serena snuck up behind her, only to discover that she had delicous food! Serena quickly befriended Lita.
One day soon after, Serena and Lita encountered one of the Negaverse's Lietentients. Lita was off again and got a good punch on him. It turns out the Lt. was there because a boy at Lita and Serena's school was housing a dormant negaverse monster. This was one of the negaverse's 7 most powerful monsters, and when they all came together, they became even more powerful, so Queen Beryl was searching for them.
When the moster was released, Lita flew into action again. This time she was so furious and full of energy that the symbol of Jupiter shined on her forehead. Luna, who was there with the girls, told Lita to say "Jupiter Power!" which caused her to turn into Sailor Jupiter, at which point she was able to daze the monster using her attack Jupiter Thunder Crash.
This gave Luna time to give Serena a new weapon, her wand. She cried "Moon Healing Activation!" and cleansed the boy of the Negaverse Monster.

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