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I have started this page to share some of my memories of my time in the Marines Corp. I enlisted while still in high school on the delayed entry program. I left for bootcamp on 1 July 1981. When I arrived at the Charleston S.C. airport and reported to the LCpl that was there and he started "talking loudly" at the group I was part of, all I had in my mind was "What did I get myself into?".

I am sure that a lot of people have had similar thoughts. One of the highlights of bootcamp was getting to see The Marine Corp Silent Drill Team on 4 July 1981. They impressed the heck out of me and I have a lot of respect for the dedication and discipline that they put into their training. I was a member of Platoon 1052, Alpha Company. Unfortunately the only competition we won was final drill. Our graduation date was 28 September 1981.

After bootcamp I attended Infantry Training School at Camp Geiger. Camp Geiger is a part of Camp LeJeune in North Carolina. At that time Camp Geiger had 2 or 3 other schools there also. I was a member of Alpha Company ITS also.

Upon completion of ITS I was transferred to 1st Platoon Alpha Company 1st Battalion 8th Marines. Typical marine fashion I reported in the middle of the night. The first person I met in my platoon was from just a few miles away from my home. Talk about surprise!

The first few days were hectic. I, and the other "boots", were dragged around getting our gear and finishing the check in process. While we were doing this the rest of the company was pulling itself back together after a training accident. This was in November of 1983. While most of the company went home on a 96 hour pas for Thanksgiving I stayed at the barracks. After the 96 I learned we were leaving on a Med. cruise in January. I came home for Christmas bringing everything I wouldn't need for the float.

First Float

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Beirut Memorial

I passed the Pentagon Inspection Feb. 99

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