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Up Dated Feburary 19, 2006

Due to one of my son's being hospitalized in serious condition, all request's for info and inclusion on my site are temporariy postphoned! As soon as he returns to normal I will gladly respond to all your request's! Thank you for your patience! Tom!

On the following pages you'll find files on all aspects of survival/homesteading and just everyday tips in such areas as camping, fishing, hunting, even cooking...And the list goes on and on. Scroll down to the Homesteading link for info on agriculture, raising livestock, farming. You'll also find pages on Food preperation, Recipes, Canning, ect.

If you can't find a particular subject or file, then click on the GIANT Link's Page near the bottom of this page or the 900+ links and you will find link's to almost any survival/preparedness/homesteading related website you could imagine!!

You may find reference in many files to Y2K, but as we all know that didn't amount to "a hill of beans" compared to the scare put in all of us by Uncle, and of course, the "Money Seeker's" out to bilk us out of our hard earned cash!! Even the Y2K files have much knowledge to offer in spite of their "End of The World" jibberish!(glad that's all it was)whew!!

I've added a page of "non-commercial" want ads for your benefit, where you can advertize something you have to sell that is survival or homestead related, or maybe you are looking to buy something? Any "non-commercial" and "legal" ad may be submitted at no cost to you. This website is purely for educational purposes and for your enjoyment! I will run NO commercial ads nor will I recommend any products of any website that you may be directed to. I leave it to your judgment to shop and compare prices and warranties offered by any such advertizers you may encounter! I'm also hoping to add a forum page in the near future. Let me know what you think! All suggestions are welcome.

I Shall Attempt to Verify Every Single Link On This Website At LEAST Once Each Month to Keep Them Current or Replace Them With The Same Subject Matter That Had Previously Been Removed. But Should I MISS ANY, Please Notify Me So That I Might Change Them Immediately. Thank For Your Interest! Tom.

Well anyway, enjoy, and hopefully you'll find exactly what you need in these page's!!! Feel free to e-mail me! There Are Over 2,950 Links and Still Growing!


OK, Here it is; Direct from the U.S. Dept.of Homeland Security
the "Know-it-alls" in Washington that are going
to save us all! Too little, too late!

Just Click On The Link's Below!

NOTICE: Under some of the below survival links may contain links to the "Department of Defense" server manual having reference to that particular subject and may not respond when clicked on! Please note that the Department of Defense server on which these manuals reside is very frequently down for maintenance. If you cannot access a non-restricted manual, it is almost certainly due to this fact. My suggestion is to give it a few days and it should be back up, but this website has no control over the US Army server and cannot advise when it will be back up (if it is down). If you need that particular info right away, just e-mail me and I'll send you the PDF manual as an e-mail attachment. Most of these files are over 20meg in size and that's the maximum my "free" Yahoo will allow me transfer. Tom

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