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Well, the message board has finally died. Or something. The point is, people aren't able to log in, which is obviously causing some troubles for the game. I'm trying to figure out an alternative, so hang in there.


I seem to be having trouble accessing the message board, so no guarantees on my posting rate until it starts working consistently again...in any case, we're going to be advertising, so hopefully we get a few new members soon.


Rieve and Isabelle Vargas have been removed from the board due to inactivity. Even without them, we've got a nice little four-man game going here. Hopefully we pick up a few more members soon. Also, we now have a non-player staff member who handles things like advertising and public relations so my lazy ass doesn't have to. ;) Be sure to say hi to the wonderful Cora.


The technomancy page has been changed slightly to include the ability's weaknesses. Techomancers should look it over...the addition is small, and at the bottom of the page, so not a whole lot of reading is required.


The old reckoning of years has long since fallen out of mainstream use. In the new reckoning, it is the year 101.

Humanity has not developed advanced spacecraft, nor has it contacted extraterrestrials. Many formerly incurable diseases remain incurable. Cars do not fly. The men and women of the world still live and work as they always have, with one exception; hundreds of millions reside in massive, compact supercities known simply as arcologies. With the earth's natural resources nearly depleted, the arcologies remain the best hope of survival that humanity has yet developed. Yet each arcology comes with an inherent drawback; as the governments of the world cannot afford to support the megacities, the majority of their funding is generated by powerful multinational corporations, and with each arcology a corporation constructs comes infinitely more power and influence. In essence, the world is run by such corporations, often leading to rampant corruption and dissent.

Our story revolves around the arcology designated JA04, a massive, pyramidal structure located north of Hokkaido, Japan and operated by Ton Systems Incorporated, one of the most influential and wealthy hardware and software companies in the world. Two and a half million souls make their home in JA04, called Ark by its denizens, and each is different, for Ark is an internationally diverse city with three official languages and accomodations for every profession imaginable. Businessmen and software engineers have a niche here, as do hackers and mercenaries...and even the feared technomancers, wielders of the modern magic, can go about their business largely unnoticed.

Welcome to Technomancer, a post-modern sci-fi/fantasy/cyberpunk role-playing game that presents a glimpse into a dark future ruled by corruption and dependent on technology as a basic need. Nothing is as it seems in the Ark; executives make dark deals beneath the sight of their superiors, mercenary gunslingers kill for any client with enough to offer, and technomancers come to grips with their abilities while attempting to lead normal lives. Should you wish to become a part of our ongoing story, look through the rules and apply to join. Skilled, mature writers are always welcome.

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