Vance & Alice
We live in Michigan and we love Streetrods and our new Teardrop Camper. When we aren't working, we are working on restoring our Teardrop or just out having fun doing whatever.
Vance's Page
Meet Our Baby "Jazzy"
We love Streetrods and Teardrop Campers. You can always find us at the Streetrod Nationals in Kalamazoo. We also do a little Bowling and a lot of Nature Viewing.
Come visit our family.
Between us we have 1 son, 2 daughters, a grandson and a granddaughter.
Click here to see our Teardrop.
Here we are on our 1st camping trip. What a great time we had.
This is our Tear Drop camper. We drove to Arkansas to pick her up. We found this treasure on Ebay.
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