This page is dedicated to some the couples of GH...some favorites, some just memorable. Below listed are 31 of the couples we've seen throughout GH history.  There are pix of even more in the miscellaneous section (put there in the interest of space & if I couldn't find many pix on them).  I also have a "fantasy couples" section, composed of who some of my friends would like to see & from a poll at SZ (if you want to include one, feel free to email me). Enjoy!

The Couples

Duke & Anna

AJ & Carly

Edward & Lila

Jason & Carly

Jagger & Karen

Frisco & Felicia

Jax & Brenda

Jason & Liz

Jason & Robin

Jerry & Bobbie

Juan & Emily

Jax & Chloe

Luke & Laura

Luke & Felicia

Lucky & Elizabeth

Ned & Alexis

Mac & Felicia

Ned & Lois

Robert & Holly

Roy & Bobbie

Robert & Anna

Sonny & Brenda

Sean & Tiffany

Scott & Laura

Stefan & Barbara

Stefan & Katherine

Sonny & Carly

Stone & Robin

Tony & Bobbie

Stefan & Laura

Tony & Carly

Miscellaneous Couples

Fantasy Couples





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