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Arkham Reborn
Gotham City is a place full of dark streets and dangerous businesses. The last of Gotham's good family, the Waynes, has been missing for five years and the city has fallen to evil. Perhaps the darkest part of town though is it's mental institution located on the - The Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane. With the dark history of the Arkham family looming over the building, it's certainly a creepy place to be found alone in.

Left to decay by lack of funds and run by a man as mad as his patients, Arkham is now a breeding ground for evil. Dr Jonathan Crane has been using his patients as guinea pigs for his new Fear Toxin experiments and not even the fear of the newly discovered Batman will stop him.

However, Crane may be about to face his demise as, from within the Asylum, whispers of revolt are circulating and, under the leadership of a mysterious patient with a Chelsea Grin, the inmates may be about to take over...

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