Welcome to our place on the web dedicated to the beautiful island of St. Martin/Sint Maarten in the Caribbean. We made our first trip there in January of 2001 and it certainly won't be our last ! Enjoy the pictures and if you have never been to the island, you owe it to yourself to make at least one trip there. It truly is a paradise.

The island is located in the Caribbean Sea, Southeast of the British Virgin Islands. It is comprised of two seperate countries, St. Martin which is French and is affiliated with Guadeloupe, and Sint Maarten which is part of the Netherlands. There are no checkpoints or border crossings, we passed freely between the 2 political divisions. St. Martin is 21 square miles and its capitol is Marigot. Sint Maarten is 16 square miles, the capitol being Philipsburg. English is spoken everywhere on the island but a smattering of French and/or Dutch is certainly helpful. The US dollar can be used on either side of the island with French francs and the Dutch guilder also in use.


There are many attractions on the island including historical sites such as Fort St. Louis (which has an excellent view of Marigot & vicinity) or the museum near the marina in Marigot.
There are wonderful restaurants particularly on the French portion of the island, shopping in both Philipsburg and Marigot, a zoo, the Butterfly farm (check it out), horseback riding, charter fishing, and ferries to nearby islands such as Anguilla as well as other possible adventures. Then there are the beaches ! If you are like us and come from a cold climate such as Maine, the sunny beaches of St. Martin are heavenly come January. The daytime temperatures tend to be in the 80's (F) with periodic showers although we experienced no more than a few short sprinkles and showers our week there. This is not meant to be a comprehensive guide to St. Martin, there are other webpages that people with far more knowledge of the island have put together. We wanted to share our enthusiasm and some of our memories with those of you who love St. Martin and those of you who haven't met her yet.
David & Cathy
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