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Do you just love the way customized scrapbooks keep your family memories alive and ready to share for years to come?
Do you want to create these lovely memrobilia for your family to share?
Would you like to provide a wonderful gift to grandparents or other loved ones?

If the answer to any of the above is yes then scrapbooking is for you!

But why would you need me? After all, you can scrapbook for yourself! The answer is really very simple - TIME!

Many modern families simply don?t have the time to display their favorite memories in  keepsake fashion. That?s why so many attics are chock full of boxes of photos of family memories. The only problem is, once those photos sit in those boxes for a few years the funny stories and fantastic memories associated with them may be forgotten. Whats a family to do? Suzy Scrapper to the rescue!

I have been scrapping since I was 16 when I was given a Creative Memories set for my birthday. It was an activity that I really enjoyed as a teenager and more or less continued throughout my life.

Recently, I started taking it more seriously and have been taking classes regularly at my local scrapbooking store. With the specialized training I received I am now confident in my ablity to provide you with a wonderfull scrapbook that your family will enjoy for generations.

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