Yep, that's me, Stormy.  I love motorcycles (Harley's), and cars.   This is a car of a friends taken at a local CBA bike show and swap meet.  I love vintage cars, although I don't have one, I have had a few in the past.  I drive a Sebring JXI convertable now.  She's my baby and I treat her with "kid
gloves".  I did have a 1968 Flatside Shovel until some idiot stole it from me.  I had it just about the way I wanted her, but no use crying over those things.  I will have another one day.  It's in the blood. Until then, I'll ride my beautiful little car and put the top down and feel the wind in my hair. 
This is my bike.. I call the "Bitch"
That's me, Stormy on the right, not to be confused!!
Mighty as the ocean
Heart so light and pure
Beauty of her heritage
So proud and self assured

Deep within her wisdom
Words she always finds
Soothes the raging spirit
Her soul is so inclined

With love that she will echo
In gifts of perfect grace
Her eyes they know the meaning
Of the sorrow she has traced

Brave and mighty forces
She calms them with her sigh
This woman with great substance
Has touched the spirit's sky

Strong but gentle woman
Who bows to Mother Earth
Gathered from the footprints
Of ancients of great worth

Soaring like an eagle
With wings across the sky
Feathers fall in breezes
So gently from on high

"Witchy Woman"

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