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Mayhem works in acrylics to produce paintings of : animals, sea & landscapes, fantasy creatures. Many of the pictures featured in this site have been the result of many hours of work. Mayhem has been inspired by many artists: Da Vinci - Fredrich - Dali -Giger - Munch -Lempicka -Vasarly and Norman Rockwell. As well as many other artists that he has met.
Da Phil Mayhem Site

Mayhem has been living in Greece for nearly a year now. Mayhem, now 37 has been focusing on just painting for the last 6 months, hardly venturing out of the apartment that he lives in, with his girlfriend. She is without doubt an inspiration to him. Mayhem has changed his style and although still working in acrylics has started to use new subjects. The work is the result of a troubled mind..... is he mad he really that unhappy..... does he suffer with some other mental illness...??
Who cares ....The pictures are good..

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