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My name is Anne. My two cats, the fellas, are Spunky and Red. They are a hoot and totally lovable. The fellas are the latest addition to my life with cats. Spunky is older and was first, so when I was looking for a nickname, I became SpunkysMom.

I had originally planned for you to find the things I like to do: my vacations, pictures of my cats, and other things that I find interesting, however, real life oft intervenes and I find myself updating this site once every two years. (I log in and make superficial changes periodically to keep geocities happy.) It is July 2006 and I am adding several new pictures of Spunky and Sams.

I am working at a new school once again for the next year, and I know that I am really going to enjoy it! (I was not happy at the last place; I was always being blamed and harassed and that is not good for the soul.) Since it is across town, I am moving once again to save travel costs. I need a bigger, yet cheaper place, too.

Teachers are busy people, so perhaps I'll have more to this site by the start of the NEXT millennium! ;-) (I'm also a school webmaster, with a site almost as large, but with daily revisions,  as the Etymology site.  Front Page makes this easier - I do hand code-  and .ASP is so much fun.)  When I originally wrote the millennium statement, it was 1999 and I was trying to be funny. Now it might well be the next millennium.

Please, check out my research site on Internet Etymology. At this time it only archives the stories behind online nicks, but it will be expanded as soon as I find several (million) free moments.

I hope you enjoy your visit.

Pardon me while I work on this site. I apologize for any broken links. I had to move the original site under the PG umbrella. I am working on this site page by page. Slowly, but surely!!!    ;-)

Summer 2006:  I've revamped this part of the site and am restoring the pages and adding more tales.  Many links are still broken, but I'm working on it when I get tired of packing.


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