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Alas, my site has been revamped in such a way that is probably unnoticable to the very few visitors who might actually accidentally chance upon this site that lies buried at the recesses of the deepest pit of the internet.
So, uh. Welcome, I guess. It's not that welcome. I mean, it could be, if you want it to. Not that I'm imposing on you or anyting. Am I? Because if I am, it's really quite alright, you don't have to go here at all, I didn't mean to force yo--EEAyyahhh!*Sound of brick being smashed upon a head.*
All original pictures, feet, general panic and mayhem belong to Monty Python. I think Everything else, well, it must've been me because it ended up on this weird comjigamoputer screen somehow. I don't remember. I never remember anything, and I can't figure out why. *Runs off hitting head with bricks*
Presents to you the following:
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