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I first created this website in 2000, as I was undergoing therapy for my cutting. In the years since its inception I have gotten much better, but just as I believe holds true for any addiction, the battle goes on. Most days I win, but there are those where I slip back.

The most important thing I learned in therapy was that the reason I never stopped cutting was because I was waiting for the "want" to go away. Someday, I told myself, I won't want to do this anymore - I'll know when it's time to stop. What therapy taught me about my addiction, like many others, is that you never want to stop. You fight the urge to cut every day, for the rest of your life. Some days are easier than others, some seem almost impossible, and some days, you do cut. I will forever be a "recovering" self-injurer.

I've come to realize that many people still come to this site, and that I still have a lot to share. I created this site to help others, and to help myself deal with my self-injury problem. It is my hope that the new layout and new content will continue to help, console and inspire others (and myself) in the battle with ourselves.

This site © Shanna Riley

The pages herein contain material
of an upsetting nature. Please make
sure you are safe when viewing these
pages if you are a self-injurer.

Created February 2000
Revamped February 2004
Last Updated February 2004

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