Hello and welcome !

ok the title has got nothing to do with the contents ok, it just sounded...well it sounded nice ok!

If you're here then that means you have nothing better to do.

So since you're here I might as well try and amuse you then.

Kick your feet up and put on some sunblock coz we're gonna go bathing in your computer's bluish-purple glow.

update: 10-22

its been a long time since i last updated, college is killing me!! anyway uploaded new fics for yaoi and non-yaoi parts...thats it i guess, i am really lazy i don't fix my site! i have a zillion things to upload and to organize and i am just too lazy to do it!sorry sorry its not like i get any encouragement! nudge, nudge wink, wink! nor do i get paid for this and if luck would have it my intelligence gets insulted once in a while! absolutely frigging wonderful! just peachy!


the 777th person did not notify me!!! its your loss bucko! updated some new fics, i will update calling crimson once a week from now on, wha else?....well thats it i guess, sign the guest book for the love of god!


well well my counter reached 700! is that how many people there are out there that have nothing to do? man!oh i put a new fic in the yaoi page, 2x3 oh and a ton of other pairings

another thing, tell me if you are the 777 person that hit the counter, it would really make my day and i would gladly do a favor for ya, sorry not sexual ones.....hehehe...eeew


ok yaoi page up! new fics up! oh i've got a really weird pairing in there too! wanna talk about really weird pairings? i've got a Hotohori/Nuriko/Nakago one! but it's still not up! hehe sorry....jsut go check out the new stuff it'll make ya feel better i'm sure....


yeah yeah its been along time...sorry the yaoi page is still not up authors please give me the go ahead please!...oh yeah it has come to my attention that a lot of people surf in here unintentionally....mistaking it for one of those smut sites....i'm really really sorry to all those frustrated surfers but the closest thing to smut here is the sappy stories and believe me that is a poor substitute....VIRGIN SITE! VIRGIN SITE!!


A fanfic collection where you can find the fanfics! well everything this fangirl dreamed up and everything else that made her laugh.

ok let me revise that, this is the part where you find normal fanfics as in heterosexual-relationships centered fics...for abnormal ones scroll lower...that didn't sound right did it?


take me to the realm of boy-boy love

those who don't know what yaoi means had better stay away from this part, it contains duh boy-boy love! ok it's finally up! HALLELUIA!


Where to find everything I stole to make this page and everywhere else worth visiting


here we have some pretty pictures! not much but they are pretty! come on! take a look! i put all my edited works here, please ask permission first before taking any, i spent more than 70 hrs for these pics, ok maybe i exagerrated...but come on! have some decency tell me first!

about me

Eeewww! Have you seen the exorcist? Well nothing can prepare you for this! this is mostly for family and friends, they are the only one that actually might be interested in this


yeah ok it's the only thing here right now, give me a break I just learned how to make a page a couple of hours ago!

i don't know why i even bother to put a guestbook,nobody signs it anyway! go ahead take a look there's nothing there!

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