Shari's Designs

Hello, welcome to my little Corner of the Internet.

I have always loved the Victorian Era.
I believe it started when I saw the movie,
Meet Me In St. Louis,
with Judy Garland.

I was hooked. *L*

This is my second webpage.
I made my first one
about two years ago.
That page has long been deleted.

I haven't been on the net
for a few months because
of the birth of my new baby girl, Lindsey.

I am now back
with some psp6 knowledge.
Not an expert, but I love this program.

A little about me you ask?, OK *L*
I have been married to a great guy,
Michael, for 10 years.
I have two sons, Michael Jr and Matthew
ages 8 and 5 and, as I said,
My baby daughter, 6 months old.
I am finished, I think, with having children. *L*
I am a "stay-at-home" mom right now.
My husband and I want Lindsey
to have her mom home
at least until kindergarten.
My interests are varied,
from movies and reading,
to puttering on the puter
and and making crafts.

My biggest cause in life
is child abuse.

When I hold Lindsey
I cry at times when I think
of all the children that have
no love, just abuse and maltreatment.

My heart aches for these
precious, special children.

Thanks for visiting my home on the web. *S*
Please come back, my cyber door ia always open.
I will be adding more pages as time allows.
Please sign my guestbook.
Bye for now! *S*

Please visit this gals page.
She has put so much heart in her Childrens page.

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