Supplement 66 My Campaign World. Traveller Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future. Sean's Game Workshop.
Welcome to my Traveller world. A guide to my view of the Traveller universe, and a resource for my current Gurps Traveller campaign. A guide to my view of the Traveller universe, and a resource for Classic and Gurps Traveller players and referees. Now with 4th edition conversions! Gurps webring Traveller webring Traveller Gearhead WebRing webring. air/raft accelerator rifle Aramis Aslan battle dress Chronor character Classic Traveller Darrian Dawnworld deckplans Deneb District 268 Duke Norris Emperor Strephon equipment Five Sisters fusion gun g carrier game gauss rifle gearhead Glisten grav vehicle Gurps 4th edition Gurps Traveller High Guard Hiver house rules Imperium Jewel jump drive K'kree Lanth laser library data Lunion maneuver drive Megatraveller Mora Non-Player character NPC PC pistol player character plasma gun PRIS Querion Regina Rhylanor rifle role playing role-playing game RPG sector science fiction Scout Courier shotgun Solomani speeder Spinward Marches starport starship subsector Sword Worlds tech level Third Imperium Traveller RPG Trins Veil Vacc Suit Vargr Vilani Vilis Zhodani "Four things greater than all things are - Women and Horses and Power and War." - Rudyard Kipling Schlock Mercenary
Marc Miller's Website.  Without HIM Traveller wouldn't exist.  We're not worthly!
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