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IPS-Orion  58427
  A typical Type-k Safarai ship recently purchased by Jack Porter.  It has Jump-2, 1-G acceleration, and 1 dual pulse laser turret.  Constructed as a yacht for a young noble, the interior was once elegantly furnished.  Now it is remarkable only in that the starboard (No.2) capture tank has been modified with facilities that make it much more suitable for captives of the human variety.  A useful modification for a bounty-hunter.
   Constructed in 1059,  her maiden voyage began 255-1060.
Deck Plans:  Type-K Safari Ship
  The Valor class Missile Corvette has proved itself a worthly design in many a skirmish.  When not participating in fleet actions they are often used to escort merchant ships or to "suppress" piracy.  Despite its impressive service record, the LM is not a popular choice with mercenaries or adventurers.  The Valor's total lack of both vehicles and cargo space usually being sited as the reasons.

Valor Class  LM-41468E1-200000-00004-0  MCr309.627    400Tons
                     batteries bearing                2                              Crew=8
                                  batteries                2                                TL=15
                     Agility=6 Fuel=193        Scoops & Fuel purification plant
Deck Plans: Valor Class
The Maru class armed merchantman has turned the tables on many pirates in frontier sectors.  Its efficent layout also makes it a highly profitable vessel.  It has low-berths, and enough staterooms to carry a few middle- passengers, though no one would mistake it for a liner.  A combination of weapons, cargo space, and ability to land in atmosphere also makes it a rather popular choice for mercenaries, adventurers, and pirates.
Deck Plans: Maru Class
The Desiree Keah is definitely a class all its own.  The ultimate in conspicuous consumption, the forward third of the ship is dominated by the large, open, 2 deck tall recreation area.

   Also included are the ships High Guard stats, which is a story all its own.  Since I had just the map, and not the booklet I decided to go online to search for the stats.  Well sure enough I found about a dozen sites that had the stats for the Desiree Keah.  The problem is that many of them were obviously wrong, or didn't agree with each other.  One said the class has a model/3 computer, despite having a jump-4.  Most of them couldn't agree whether the air/rafts were 3 tons, 4 tons, or 6 tons.  The required crew varied from 6 to 12.  One entry even said that the ship has 7 small craft staterooms and 8 standard staterooms.  The only thing they did agree on is that it's TL 15, 400 tons, and has a jump of 4.  So using that as a basis, and looking at the deckplans, I used the Highguard Shipyard 1.13 program to create the ship.  An excellent program, which I highly recommend.
Deck Plans: Desiree Keah class
High Guard Stats
Another great Imperial design.  The Lucifer class is often routinely assigned to garrison or patrol duties, which is the most likely way civilians are to encounter this fierce little ship.  Much like the Valor class it is not popular with subcontactors due to its total lack of cargo space and vehicles.

   Also included are the ships High Guard stats, which is yet another story.  Once again I had the map, but not the stats, so I searched online for them.  Once again I found several sites with the stats and they didn't add up right.  Thinking that maybe the program I use was in error I broke out my old tattered copy of Book 5 and my calculator.  Guess what?  The program did all of the calculations correctly (Thank you Andrew Moffatt-Vallance!) according to the book, or should I say "THE BOOK".  Anyway, if you decide to cough up to MCr for this ship I have no doubt you'll find it was worth every deci-credit.
Deck Plans: Lucifer class Destroyer Escort
High Guard Stats
  I'm sticking just to plans that I can't find a CT version of on the web, except for the Type-K because that's the ship my player group owns.  Some will be conversions from other systems, like the Cobra, which is a conversion from TNE. Some of the deckplans I am converting from other games entirely.  I play Gurps-Traveller, but I use the CT: Highguard system for ships.  It's simple and it works, so I see no reason to try to learn yet another more complex system.
This is a CT: Highguard conversion of the original TNE starship design of the same name, found in Challenge #75 in the adventure "Operation: Wolf Snare" by Marc Lucas.  I've seen this design converted to T20, so now I think it's time to do a CT conversion.
  The official designation is the Cobra class courier.  It's a fast, robust, and well-armed for its size.  All of this probably explains why so many of these ships have been used by pirates that it is typically called the Cobra class Corsair.
Deck Plans: Cobra class Corsair
High Guard Stats
High Guard Stats
Originally designed as Q-ships and convoy escorts for Imperial Shipping Lines, Chameleon-class Commerce Raiders were first built in the Spinward Marches just prior to the Fourth Frontier War. They were adapted from the Bragmin class (Type N) merchant, and their ECM suit is specially designed to very effectively mimic their unarmed brethren.
Deck Plans: Chameleon class Commerce Raider
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