Davids Homebuilt R/C Hovercraft Project
This webpage is for my ongoing project/stuggle with building my own radio controlled hovercraft. I have scoured the net for other like-minded individuals who are into building their own, (and not purchasing a manufactured peace of crap)and have found some very interesting people and seen some very awesome designs. I have been working on this for about 2 months and have had plenty of upsets as well as incredibly successful trials. I have aquired a couple of different r/c cars and a plane, which I have canabalized to build 1 complete craft. It has a .61 cc glow motor for thrust, which was originaly used for both thrust and to fill the skirt, but I am now in the process of installing a separate .32cc motor for filling the skirt and then using the .61cc for thrust alone. I have uploaded these pics and will update them as I go along. I will hopefully get some video soon to post.
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