Satsuma Admirers Satsuma Admirers

Satsuma Admirers Satsuma Admirers


Welcome to the page of Graciela & Ramon.

The vase shown in the front is the first piece we got 30 years ago, as a gift of our family (who had kept it since 1917).
Later we got a lovely small Buddha and two tea cups with their plates, in the same style. We forgot the whole thing for a very long time and about one year ago, in a very popular street market of our country, we found some other pieces and began to buy them to form a tiny collection.

Our Satsuma and other antiques collection

The pieces shown below were bought just for the sake of watching resulting in the fact that may or may not be original, but they are certainly old.

Actually we added to the collection several wooden boxes and we are buying figurines from occupied Japan. Soon photos will be added.

If you have any comments please write to us

Satsuma photographs

Height: 21.5 cm. Base: 8.5 cm.

Height: 15 cm. Base: 11 cm.

Diameter: 10.5 cm. Base: 5cm (the plates have a diameter of 14.5 cm.).
Height: 17.5 cm. Base: 6 cm.

Diameter 24 cm.

Diameter 19 cm.

Height: 23 cm. Base: 8.5 cm.

Height: 18 cm. Base: 6.5 cm.

Height: 11 cm. Base: 5 cm.

Height: 18 cm. Base: 6.5 cm. (Restored).

Height: 19 cm. Base: 6.5 cm. Gold Dragon in relief
Signature in gold and red.

Diameter: 25 cm.


Tiny satsuma vases from 4 to 9 cm. heightl. Signed made in Japan.


Height 14cm. Diameter 12.5 cm


Very beatifull vase. The picture doest'nt make justice to its beuty. Height 25 cm. Diameter 18cm.Castle, samurais, houses, etc in gold reliefs.Signed.


Miniatures .Heights 5 and 8 cm.Buddha and Hotei figures.


Incense burner with 3 foo dogs in gold, signed inside and down the base. Height 15 cm, diameter 10 cm.


Bowl 15 x 15 cm. Signed "Hand painted Royal Satsuma"


Nice vase 23 x 12.5 cm. Gold elephants handles.With Japanese signs at the botton.


Chinese ceramic (Mud men)

Height: 29 cm).

Group of fishermen.

Center figures playing GO).

Group of mud men (Max. height: 25 cm).

Cloisonne photographs

Group of cloisonne vases (Max height. 7 cm).

Older pair of cloisonne pieces (plate and pot, with dragons).

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