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Freshwater, Saltwater, African Cichlids, Live Plants,
and (Seasonally)Pond Fish.

Latest Shipment African Cichlids 8/16/13, Available 8/24/13
Latest Live Plant Shipment 1/16/14, Available 1/17/14


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All live aquatics are quarantined for a minimum of one week before being offered for sale to ensure continued health of the animals. This allows the fish to "de-stress". Since most fish diseases that occur are stress-related, our customers have virtually no losses, if they are following our recommendations for maintainance, compatibility, and aquarium size. We teach all our fish to eat frozen, flake and pellets before the are offered for sale. We have 35 years of experience in the tropical fish industry between the owner and manager alone.
A mention about our advice:
Some people get upset because the advice we give them does not agree with what they've read on the internet, read in a book, heard from a friend, or even gotten from another store. The advice we give, comes from our own and our customers experiences IN AUSTIN over nearly 30 years. Lots of internet published recommendations may work in other areas, California, New York, Chicago, even Houston, but may not necessarily work here. We tend to go with the simplest, easiest-to-accomplish methods possible and sometimes it seems like it should just be harder than "leave the tank alone", or "do a small water change, add salt". Often, we recommend better filtration, if you got your tank used, or from another store, as that is the most common component that is undersized to economize an aquarium package. Also, we are cautionary with compatibility, sometimes individual fish may get along, but as species they generally don't(i.e. tiger barbs and guppies - have heard it being done, but is NOT reccomended). Your friend may claim they had a goldfish in a one gallon bowl for five years, then you may be shocked to hear our recommendation of 20-30gallons per goldfish, and that they can live several decades. It doesn't match what you'd heard, but please remember:

We want your fish to live as LONG and HAPPY lives as possible, and the advice we give is aimed towards that goal.

We also sell aquarium set-ups, filters, airpumps, frozen, pelleted, freeze-dried, and flaked foods, and real & artificial aquarium decor.

We have T8(regular flourescent bulbs), & T5(really thin flourescent bulbs) in stock. Power compacts are ordered as needed. We also have bulbs that convert old incandescent fixtures into energy-efficient flourescent.

Come see our selection of natural rock to decorate your aquarium. We have a ton...literally.


More Info:

How To Do A Water Change, Step-by-Step(Coming Soon)