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Birds currently available for sale:

Zebra Finches
Society Finches

Hand-fed Lacewing Indian Ringneck

Upcoming Birds, as of 1/26/17
Cockatiels on eggs!
Pineapple Greencheeks are nesting!
Suns Conures are on eggs!


We sell supplies for all types of pet birds. We have a large selection of affordable bird toys and treats, pellets and seed diets. We have perches, playgyms, cages, swings, and many other accessories.

We sell Zupreem, Roudybush, Sunseed and Higgins brand foods and treats. We also have JW, SuperBird Creations, JungleTalk, PlanetPleasures, Platinum Tweeter Toys, AvianIntelligence, Paradise Toys Creative Foraging Systems, and locally made toys.

Ask us how you can more enjoy the bird you have, we have great tips for discouraging bad behavior, encouraging good behavior, teaching tricks, and changing diets.


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Getting The Most Out of Bird Toys