If you were here looking for that hospice site that was present on this url, just a few minutes ago as I'm writing this, it's not here, any more. The good news is that it is in at least one other location. I think. I hope?

I got a bit of a jolt as I logged in and found that an entire site, not of my making, was occupying my Webring webspace. I wondered what was going on - had Webring accidentally moved somebody else's webspace into my account? Was I about to wipe out a lot of hard work somebody had put into writing a site about hospice care? I looked over the site, trying to get into contact with Webring, and didn't find one in the first few minutes of looking. The links to the fora were broken. When I looked again, a few minutes after I deleted those pages and was feeling a little bit calmer, I could see the words "contact us", but by then, the pages were deleted. Even if I had seen them before, though, I'd have done the same thing, just 45 seconds later, maybe.

There was nothing else to be done. I don't hold the copyright to that material, and so I couldn't keep it present on my site, and the law doesn't care about good intentions. What if this was the work of some hacker with a nasty sense of humor who scraped somebody else's site, depositing it here, and I ended up on the receiving end of a DMCA takedown notice?

I did take action within minutes of becoming aware of the uploads, which I in no way encouraged or authorized. If you're reading this, and this was the only copy of your work, I'm very sorry to hear about that. I really hope that I didn't wipe out anybody's site, but if I did - and forgive me if this sounds a little cold and selfish - that's not on me. In our country, the law is a ... donkey ... and system administrators are quick to act, and one does what one has to do. Even more so, when one doesn't know what's going on, because there is nobody to ask, or at least there doesn't seem to be, because the need to act quickly has left one in a little bit of a panic.

This was not cool.