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They are playing our song
Darling they are playing our song,
And the words are swimming in my brain.
My heart is pounding like a
distant drum in the night, calling you to
come to me, to run to me, that I might
embrace you in my love.

To hold you to me and never let you go.
The sea is so deep and the sky so vast.
yet they can't contain the love I have for you.

I hear the nightingale sweetly singing,
yet it pales to the music of your sweet voice.
I hear you now my love... coming closer,
your almost here..I feel your soft touch,
and your warm breath on my skin...
I smell the fragrance that can only be you.

We embrace and melt into the ecstasy of our love.
Nothing exists now, not time nor space, everything
has vanished but us and we are now one.

Listen now my love can you hear?
They are playing our song...

By: Raven Lacroix
His Beautiful South African Lily

© 1999

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