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Hello and welcome to Assassins Anonymous!!  *echoes off into background*  So, my name is Naomi, and my pal Lea is also helping me run this page. *Lea peeks out from behind Naomi, waves, and then whooshes back behind Naomi with a squeak* HEY, IS THAT ME OVER THERE?  Yes Youji, that's you!  This is stupid. Well thank you Aya for voicing your opinion, but I don't think so at all.  Well, you're wrong, but if you want to make an idiot out of yourself, go right ahead. Thanks, that was sure encouraging.  But anyways-WOMEN WANT ME!!  I LOOK SO MYSTERIOUS! No, I look mysterious! ME! Me  *Lea and Naomi look at each other and sigh* Guys, it's just a background...,calm down.  So anyways, this is just a little shrine to Weiss Kreuz, Gundam Wing, Fushigi Yuugi, and all other awesome animes.  Feel free to poke around and explore our little site. 
Naomi and Lea
This site is always under construction and right now we're trying a new layout. Tell us what you think!
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People have stumbled across no man's land
We do not own Weiss Kreuz or any other anime on this website, nor am I affiliated with them beyond being a fan.
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Last Updated:  July 2, 2001
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