Raggedy Anne's and Licorice Fish


Cynthia m. Donlan


I want to go back to the times of Lewis Carroll, Raggedy Annes and Licorice Fish.

I want to return to a time when the sky was much bluer, buildings higher and unicorns grazed in every field.

Oh the bittersweet, taste of childhood. The dreams carefully planned, blown hither and fro like bubbles from a plastic wand.

We sat there in our summer dresses watching them rise higher and higher until they burst and we would make more.


Little scientists we were in Ra's glaring heat. Carefully we scoop up arachnids and such, to be studied under our awkward but careful eyes.


Why mother with her telescopic lens would observe us with such clarity, that our hearts were clearly visible.


She seems to know our thoughts, was in tune with our Circadian Rhythm. For she always knew just when to bring out the liquid refreshments.


Oh that icy cold lemonade, taunting and teasing our palates. First sweet then sour, it was as playful as we were in the summer sun.


Vanity was non existent as we soiled ourselves with sand and dirt, creating a barrage of culinary delights.


We were happy and content with our simple lives; politics and current events had no meaning.


The moment was sacred yet not clinged to tightly, for change was taken exuberantly and with maturity that surpassed adulthood.


Our love for life was rich and complete!


Bangs, cuts, bruises, yes had made us cry, but an ice cream cone, a gentle kiss or a Sunday afternoon game of hopscotch could gently dab our tears.


Pain was seen as transient, death a concept we couldn't understand. We were content with little but yet we had more then we ever have.


Oh how wonderful it would be to return to our childhood. A time when hurts were only temporary, the Earth a mobile Science Lab and our mother was our best friend!







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