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Foreword :

Dragging a tired donkey through the Hertfordshire sewer system - recording the echo drenched sniff and grunt of the disgruntled animal. Lo - the tainted magic: the slap of the hooves through slop puddles, the jangle of the collar; adorned with rusty bells. An esoteric relic from this donkey's entertainment days: paraded through fun-fairs across Essex in the glory & nostalgia of the early 90's. O what joy did this creature bring to the crowds? O what joy did this donkey see? I can imagine it would be the sort of joy I am feeling now; with the MiniDisc recorder whirring in my pocket, microphone poised in my eager grip like a lantern of beaming light; the instrument of discovery.
If I'm not mistaken, this should make everyone realise the tragic fantasy. Mope and wallow to this wikked freeform beat... Much better than the 'trendy', punk mush sustained by my fellow youth. Fuck fashion, this is splendid!

Anyway, welcome to this website.  Promulgated here is some pure music for re-aligning the mind to the true levels of awareness.  All modern commercial music, which heathens are subjected to, contain 'numbing' frequencies just above 20kHz.  This is almost beyond the threshold of human hearing.  The daily harmonic assault on our ears has gradually deteriorated our sonic focus.  I can only provide this seemingly execrable aria grit to slacken the brains.  Believe.
There is also evidence that prolonged exposure to modern music is causing hearing loss in an entire generation.  This leads to a preference for compressed sound and augmentation of dynamic response.  This, in turn, induces a vicious cycle of even more exaggerated amplitude and further hearing loss.  Will future musicians interpret audio the same way we do today? Or will they hear sound on a much more restricted spectrum?  Farmers in Eastern Russia can hear a wider range of sound than a Westerner.  One thing can be sure:  however diminished human hearing becomes, sub-bass will always be able to penetrate the mind and stir the physical frame.

Use the frame on the left to navigate your wraith within this new world of science and skank. Be wary of the hidden irony that lurks betwixt thee lines. You should also consider discharging your mindstatic unto thine guestbook - think of it as a glorified school-desk, a section where you can basically say any old bollocks, or science. Try to enjoy your stay.

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