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Poodle Breeders of Poodleheads List

Poodle Books
For Sale

Rider's Lil Ms Orphan Annie - Patricia's Pampered PoodlesMystique Toy Poodles
Patricia Williams-Gray, San Saba TX
Toy & Miniature Poodles
Red & Black
Stud service to available to approved females

Poodle Owners Medical Manual

Shalon's Red Roxi - Shalon's Parti-Poodles Shalon Parti Poodles
Sharon Hanson, Miles City Montanta
Toy - Tiny Toys
Parti-Poodles, Phantoms, Red, & Blue
(406) 232-6821

Poodles : Everything About 
Dakota - Coquette PoodlesCoquette Poodles
Denise Werner-Hansen, Coronado, CA
Miniature & Full-size Toy poodles
Red, White, Apricot and Cream 
Also breeding Parti-poodles. 

Poodle Clipping and Grooming
White Toy - Sisco's Distinctive Poodles Sisco's Distinctive Poodles 
Karen Sisco, 14921 Sunnybank Ave, Bakersfield, CA 
Royal Standards, Miniatures to Tiny Toys
Our Specialties are Royals and Teacups. 
Wide range of  Colors to select  

The Essential Poodle
PhanciPnut - Fisher's Precious PoodlesFisher's Precious Poodles 
Robbe Lee Fisher, Bucyrus Ohio
Toy & Miniature Poodles
Parti, Phantom, & other colors
Also has stud to approved females

Poodle collectibles of the 50's and 60's
Toys - Casa La StregaCasa La Strega Poodles 
Phil & Joy Cenicola, Brookfield, NY
Miniature & Toy Poodles
Apricot, Black & White

Dog Breed Handbooks: Poodle
Karen's Tiny Girl - Daisy Hill PoodlesDaisy Hill Poodles
Linda Berg
, Max, North Dakota
Miniatures, Toys, Tiny Toys & Teacups
All colors Including: Exotic Partis and Phantoms
(701) 679-2414

A New Owner's Guide to Poodles
Tango Haus PoodlesTango's Haus Kennel & Pet Products  Paula Collins, 5476 Cheryl Lane, Kaufman Texas
Tiny Toy, Toy & Miniatures
All colors, including Parti, Tri, & Phantoms

Dr. Ackerman's Book of the Poodle
Lujaxs PoodlesLujaxs Poodles
Email -
Toys & Standards,South Carolina
Parti & Phantoms
Stud Service Available

Your Poodle's Life
Complete Guide
Eve - Sara Gessner - Pioneer Poodles Pioneer Parti Poodles
Sara Gessner, Pennsylvania
Standard & Toy
Black & Parti 

Guide to Owning a Poodle
Vegas - Ash's Mystical PoodlesAsh's Mystical Poodles
Marie Hedeman, Las Vegas, NV
Standard, Miniature & Toy
Black, Blue, White, Cream, Brown, Silver Beige & Silver

 James Thurber on Hounds, Scotties, and Talking Poodles


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