~Colors of the flame rise bursting forth, the pain, the horror, the suffering...
People then stood and in the face of adversity we show our unity and our strenght...
Niether will be overlooked, or pushed away, we are a union of civilizations, a meltingpot of cultures
A diverse gathering, yet one individual....
A power that has been awoken, we are humans and as our live countinue..
We present ourselve ready to face whatever tomorrow may bring.....
We are one and if united we stand we will not fall!!!
You are welcomed into a world of hidden talents.
A world of imagination
A world of creativity and wonder

You are welcomed into the minds of Poets and Writers. Explore, learn, and participate in the great wonders of the world!


There are currently 02 stories in ADVENTURES
Latest story added on March 21, 2001, written by Paolo
There are currently 01 stories in FANTASY
Latest story added on April 11, 2001, written by Paolo
There are currently __ stories in SCIENCE
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There are currently 01 stories in LOVE
Latest story added on March 19, 2001, written by Paolo
There are currently 05 poems in POETRY
Latest poem added on May 16, 2001,, written by SweetPinay412


ADVENTURE STORIES Tales of great adventures, wonderous worlds, and action-filled drama
SCIENCE STORIES Tales of the unexpalianable, the scientific wonders, the world of logic, a new age wonder
FANTASY STORIES Tales of wonderous places, realm of the imagination, place of mysticism and magic
LOVE STORIES Touching tales of star crossed lovers, undying affection, tales from the heart
POETRY CORNER Rythmic words, vaious line, words to touch, and words of woe. Poetry the voice of the soul.

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