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Mabel Kate Witts Diary- 1909 Part 1

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Sun: 7th. FEBRUARY 1909
Yesterday Lark spoke to Derg, about the "Young Woman"
Deary started copying "The Diary" this morning.
My leg still sore, must get it well soon. We took our 3 o'clock-tea to <Banyan> passage; Dergie
had a swim after. I put book in drawer of sideboard, and it still stuck! so annoying, going to have
a warm bath.

Mon: 8th.
Up at 5.30. Derg and I had a swim then. Betty (the cow) been milking since Nov. Get lots of
Grand milk. heavy showers all day. got ready to go to the Mission, but too wet. So Derg and I
wrote most of afternoon. Woman washed.
Another tree fell on cocoanut tree.....

Tue: 9th.
Heavy rain and wind all day. Clothes not dry, so bedroom was turned over.
Derg copying the Diary in morning, I sewed a little- Heard about last sat: that Sark wants to stay
on here and marry Asunga! soon after dinner, the rain being lighter, we started to walk to the
mission to see how Mrs. Mackenzie was ( she had been ill all week with Neuralgia ). Found her in
bed with fever. Gave Mothers presents to the children. Doctor had, had a 3 hrs. Operation on an
unfortunate native. Stopped at A.T.'s on our way home. Theo, actually out in cutter!... and this the
hurricane season- a grand sea on. Wet and muddy almost to my waist.

Wen: 10th.
Up 15 to 6 Another wild wet day. Boys felled 3 trees, and 2 large ones fell one on large coconut
and cocoa tree:-Derg got honey out of one, and got 2 nasty stings- He marked out, and had wood
got for Asunga's house- Sewed very, very little- Women ironing in kitchen in afternoon,
something's still on line.

Thurs: 11th.
Dear Mrs Bland died early this morning .
Sewed a bit, but not much done. Am "off colour" day- "Ladies" finished ironing in afternoon.

Fri: 12th.
Up about 10.30. had a bit of am "off colour", headache- Asunga did out siting-room. Darned 1 pr:
each of socks and stockings. went with Derg to get Betty and Lightfoot, in. and to feed pigs and
fowls. Deary feeling a bit like fever.  
Fine day at last.

Sat: 13th. February. 1909
Up at 20 past 5. Black leaded and whitened stove. Some house work and cooking--- after 3
o'clock tea had bath- then went with Derg to see women at work on leaf for Asunga's house. Then
we went after Betty. Derg still busy copying Diary- After supper put clothes away, and sewed and
read a little. Arther sent us some beans.

Sunday 14th.
Up at about 6.30. Rains every night. Derg mended chimney. Arther here to dinner- After we - he
walked - went in boat to "Mission". Mrs. Mc.Kenzie  still in bed, but much better- Doctor refuses
to marry them. S. and A. home about 5.30. Wrote after.

Mon: 15th.
Up at 5.30. A lovely sunshining day, but it rained about 3. all the afternoon. We are in the
"Hurricane, and rainy season." I washed with the two women and we had every thing out before

Tue: 16th.
Asunga is washing the coloured things on Sat. morning. Deary has 11,500 words copied of "The
Diary." Hurrah for him.

Wen: 17th.
Derg and the boys finished Sk's and Asunga's house. Such a sweet Natural one with a large
porch and  a green leaf door. Julian here for water- they are working at the corn house- Gave him
half of our fruit tart- So tired in afternoon Bread night.

Thurs: 18th.
Baked, and a "Wedding Loaf", and we gave the young women a half holiday, but Sk said he
would rather wait till Mon! A bit of a snoot, bless it!

Fri: 19th.
Old sore on foot gathering up so, Dearie, poulticed it and took his chair on veranda for me, and
he was writing- A note from A. Thomas- So Derg and Asunga off to Doctors.
I had dinner ready, and bought cocoanuts etc.
Wedding off. Report saying it is being forced on young woman. Such nonsense
We had a lovely swim at "The Passage". A walk after Betty. And got some Ningets- after heaps
of trouble!

Sat: 20th.
Derg Dynamited a grand lot of fish- We Grilled some for dinner- Tired, so lay down later in

Sun: 21st
A bit Snooty! Derg and I had a lovely rest in our room after dinner- Then Derg poured a can of
water over me in the bathroom- I got into clean clothes- were-after "Snoot" vanished, and we
walked to the far cocoanuts and had two between us for afternoon-tea. After tea helped Asunga
wash up, and Dergie and I had our chairs out; and a grand talk-
Hurrah for no "Snoots"!! Began Mother's letter.

Mon: 22nd. February
<Wyamahetts> gone so Asunga and I washed- finished some time before dinner- also beds,
cooking of dinner etc: Quite proud of us! Put out Derg's letter case- <Taruoche> and her
household good passed this afternoon- they are away to <Nogugu>, for 5 years.
Bread night.

Tues: 23rd.
Baked bread. Cut up some of our nice "Snake beans", 2nd. lot we have had.- made 5 jars of
Ningetle jam. Asunga did all the ironing so well. We did Hordern's order. After dinner and a rest
on the little bed in our room, I made a cake for Dergie's birthday. Afternoon tea always at 3. Derg
and I got Ninjetles, I went after Betty- after supper, we walked as far "Pretty Beach" and sat on the
old tree awhile- after I sewed, and Dearie read.

Wed: 24th.
Dearie's birthday- Such a grand happy day, but sure, they are mostly all that- (Mostly's for
"Snoots"!) But Dergie's hair- A.1.- - We had a lovely little rest. washed brushes and
socks.....Sewed a little. Asunga's sewing afternoon.
Derg and I, and Asunga had our supper round at "Banyan Passage"- boiled the billy etc: Home -
sweet home- about seven- cooked a wee bit and wrote a little, and read Dergie's manuscript.
17,000 words now.
Second Mother's birthday too.

Thurs: 25th.
Derg and "boys" been making Copra last few days.... Napops Grand!! A lovely morning. I turned
out and swept Sitting- room after afternoon-tea writing mothers letter till tea time- Sat out a bit
after. a lovely moonlight-evening - finished Mother's letter and had a bath- ( bread night)
Derg felt "fever" out, and could not sleep, so about 10.30 we had sponge and lime juice..

Fri: 26th
Up at 15 to 6 baked bread, date loaf,scones etc. Cut beans. sorted clothes for soaking- after our
rest, washed head- I then wrote with Derg- made "banana fritters" for tea.
From 40 nuts under 1 tree, Derg has made 16 lbs: of Copra- The first from our own trees, hurrah!
for it.
Dearie now has 19,000 words written- We both wrote after tea. Put 8 chicks in yard- expect the
boat tomorrow.

Sat: 27th.
Up at 15 to 6. so tired when I got up. So Dearie did all the cleaning of the stove for me, wile I
finished writing my letters. After our after dinner rest had a bath and then sewed a bit while Derg
wrote. Had our chairs and books out on the veranda after supper. I did a little bit of cooking- Oh!
Grilled <Julian's> for tea.

Sun: 28th.
Up 6.30. Later in morning took our chairs and books out under lime tree- I was so tired- After
afternoon tea we had a walk to corn house and on to white Sands for ferns, then out after Betty.
She is knocking cocoanuts down! Read after supper- raining- No steamer yet- Derg has 20,000
words now!

( Weighed- I was 9.4 Derg 11.8 )

Mon: 1st. March
It poured last night- but has been fine day- Expecting boat every minute!-- Derg helped me wash
this morning, and it was all out before 10!- The dear old helper- Put tape on waist of "loly-stick"
dress- Went with Dearie after Betty- Sat out in the porch after tea a bit, then Dergie wrote. Found
out something, I think, today; was looking in little book! Its too beautiful, if its true.

Tue: 2nd.
Asunga and I both ironed in morning- I sewed in afternoon- Derg and I had a lovely swim round
on the pretty beach.

Wed: 3rd.
Steamer in at last! She whistled at too early, so I did not go on aboard- Asunga and I did
all work, and I made scones and tartlets, before Derg got back to somewhere near 9. Breakfast. A
Grand mail. Crying, Had to go to bed late in afternoon- a wretched evening.( Mother sent a hat to
me.Two in fact, books, a box of<beads> and soaps and all good things)

Thurs: 4th.
Was in bed all day till about 4 pm. just tired and headacky--- After tea sat awhile in the

Fri: 5th.
Asunga did sitting-room and I turned out bedroom. moved box and wardrobe. I beeswaxes the
drawers, table etc.

Sat: 6th.
up 5.30- cooked on copper-fire as I cleaned stove after breakfast- Derg made up bread for me- He
baked and put away 1 tin of Bation-biscuits. (soldered tin.) Baked bread and ginger-bread.
Derg wrote and I sewed most of afternoon. Then we went after Betty. Read after tea.

Sun: 7th..
Turned out "Someone's" Corner drawer. We got up at 6. am..
A.T. over after dinner and stayed to tea- road his new horse, which went through the new chicken
shelter roof! bless it! New doggie came too! he went at as it was such a wet, windy night-
We two read the papers- such a wild wet night.

Mon: 8th..
A wild, wet day- Asunga washed some in morning- I got hrs.. sewing in- In after we both
washed and left the basket ready to hang out tomorrow morning- Sewed after  supper- Derg done
24,000 words now!

Tues: 9th..
Hung washing out. Baked. Wednesday's work today- Saved a little, then walked to "Pretty Beach"
(Theo's) with Derg and (Larrie) and Watched Dearie swim; not far out though, for there was a
swarm of sharks, close in! Then we went after Betty. Been so sleepy and tired in the evenings
lately, so have gone earlyish to bed- Am still reading "My Friend".

Derg, "The <Vergeians>".
Mother sent it, and "Rudder Grange" by the last steamer.

Wed: 10th. March.
We- A- and I ironed this morning- finished in afternoon latish- Derg and I had a swim at Banyian
Passage, then went for Betty.

Thurs: 11th.
A very hot, steamy morning- Moved sofa and writing-table when doing out sitting-room. Great
Had our mid-day rest under a cocoanut. Derg canned two bags of rice-hurrah! for its a tedious
job--- sewed a little. Bread-night. Wrote in here, sewed a wee bit more.

Fri: 12th.
Baked bread and a Bella Cake early- Then Derg baked and soldered up a large tin of biscuits.
Still raining- Sewed in afternoon- We went to bed early and read aloud to Dergie.

Sat: 13th.
Up 5.30 After breakfast cleaned stove. A bit tired so Dearie helped me do it- Asunga washing
coloured clothes. So swept kitchen, scrubbed a table, and then got dinner.
Dergie wrote all afternoon, and I Sewed, then we planted a cocoanut and went with Derg while
he had a swim. Was too lazy or tired myself! Sewed after tea and Dergie wrote.

Sun: 14th.
A lovely day- We spent the day round on "The Pretty Beach"- Asunga boiled "Billy", and had
dinner "out" too!
We both wrote- I started my mail- had a swim in early afternoon- home- I went after Betty. Early
supper. Sat out side reading a bit, then went early to bed, and read there.

Mon: 15th.
Up 5.30. Asunga and I washed. Wash house and all finished before dinner- I too changed dress
Dark young trader from Oba here after dinner. after a saucepan! Sewed, and we damped and
folded clothes. then Derg and I went for a swim, and got Betty. bread-night. sat outside a wee bit,
then we both wrote.

Tue: 16.
up 15 to 6. A horrid tired sinky feeling before and after breakfast. So instead of setting to ironing
at once went with Derg to "Pretty Beach" to Dynamite fish; he got a lot of such large ones--- Just
finished dinner, when up walked Theo- back from his trip, West- and with 3 recruits for us! its
grand! He had some dinner, and stayed till after afternoon-tea- I ironed Sun-bonnet and other
things with Asunga. Pottered round cooking fish etc: then we read some of Dergie's "book", and

Wed: 17.
Tried to make butter again but its not nice this hot weather- Helped A- with bedroom--- After
dinner we went and sat on the "Pretty Beach". lovely! and such a nice Breeze--- then I washed
Filter, and baked 3 loaves soda for "boys" for 1/6!--- Sat out a bit after supper, and then both
Dergie doing a grand lot of writing lately! to be ready for this next mail!

Thurs: 18th. March.
Asunga and I did out the Setting Room, finished by Cut out "Sofa creation" for covering
one of the two large cushions. I partly sewed it up. Sewed in after. Then went with Dergie and
watched him swim- Bread night. We both wrote after supper- Derg went a little earlier to bed as
he is not very well, poor old boy.

Fri: 19th.
Up at 5.30. Baked bread and a cake and pudding- Asunga and I put clean paper on pot shelves.
Kitchen all scrubbed.
Dergie got "pains" a bit, but writing and doing his works all day- I finished the one cushion cover
and started the other- then we went after "new boy" and Betty. Tea early, and sat on veranda a
while after and watched storm- I had a bit of pains too. then we both went early to bed.

Sat: 20th.
Very tired after breakfast. lay on sofa a little while.
Derg had diarrhoea the last few days, poor old boy. He gave stove small clean for me. very little
cooking. sewing, while Dergie wrote. About 4 pm. went after Betty. Both of us tired- sat out on
chairs after tea. I howled a little, Derg got me some Sal-volatey- We went to bed early, and to

Sun: 20th.
Derg got up and milked Betty and fed the fowls, and then, like the good old boy he is, stayed in
bed till afternoon-tea. Then we put letters in his case. and tidied some of his Treasures- then
before supper he had a warm bath, and we had a nice evening in Siting-room. I cut things out of
papers. We had grand breakfast and dinner, sitting on the side of the bed! I finished Mother's
letter in morning.

Mon: 22nd.
Asunga did most of washing. I rinsed and blued most of them. I was busy putting fowl on for
chicken broth and seeing to dinner. Made beds and swept room after dinner- After afternoon-tea
Asunga and I went as far as corn-house and had a swim. Nithgar, Neuery and Thow came today,
all for three months, Hurrah! sleeping in new house. Washed my head- Hurrah! hurrah! Derg
finished his book this evening- I wrote too, after making bread.

Tues: 23rd.
Started to make Copra- Baked bread. 4 more boys from on tops worked today and Wednesday. A-
and I ironed all morning. Copra smoke house burnt partly down, Derg,boys soon had it out.And
then boys releafed the burnt part. Put away clothes- Cried a bit about 5. had warm bath. Tired "too
much" after tea so went early (about 8) to bed. before, finished 2nd. large cushion, I but oilcloth
on wash box in Kitchen. Cried a bit more, going to bed. Dearie helped me- He is still suffering
from diarrhoea poor old boysie- I too troubled a bit in the night.

Wed: 24th. March.
4 more boys (Vilia and his children) A.Thomas paid us a visit in morning- Sewed a scrap. A- did
bedroom- "Gumbo" (from Olea) here after and before breakfast. H.C. Bought Pig. pig and a lot of
other pigs also--- proposed to Derg for the "young woman".!! Rained hard all after. I tidied
wardrobe- Dearie says he is better today, its lovely- I'm righto.

Thurs: 25. March.
Asunga and I did the sitting-room. after dinner cried a bit I was tired, lay down and then got into
bed and read "My Friend The Chauffeur," finished it. Dergie and I had a grand little tea, he got
and brought into our room. Anyhow after supper started again! and the old boy was beside me in
his chair, Smoking,and reading. Cried till late- an awful night. it must, and I hope will be the last
of them.

Fri: 26th.
Dearie, brought me breakfast in bed- my darling- tired, so had a bath about nine, and then lay on
bed a bit.
Storm of rain about 11. had to nail the sack over the door again. Derg did the dear old "book" up,
for post.
Out to dinner with my boy Sewed a little in after, I think Dearie baked bread for me in morning.

Sat: 27.
Righto again. hurrah. only whitened stove this week. Roast "bushie" (a good one) for dinner-
Dearie put Chinz-covered backs to cushions- a nice old after: walked about garden a little a
rose-cutting at our little grave. Then Derg wrote a letter and I sewed. a wild afternoon. sewed a
little after supper.

Sun: 28th.
Such a wet windy night and we woke up to a wet stormy day. Cherry pie, for dinner! and a lovely
rest, and a lovely afternoon together reading, "Pope". Tea in the Kitchen. I wrote after. A terrible
wild night.

Mon: 29th.
Asunga washed.(not a large one) I did Kitchen work. Dergie helped me wash up. He and I cut up
oranges for jam in the after.

Tues: 30th.
We did some of ironing- I starched some. "Young woman" had an obstinate fit! she was tiresome-
so sent her to weed, and ironed my things (starched ones) and had jam on too- Went with Derg
after Betty- Jam finished at 10 past 7. My old boy helped me pot it- 8 jars marmalade.

Wed: 31st.
Both up a little before 5.30. Dearie black-leaded and whitened the stove for me. Bedrooms done.
Beans for dinner, and tinned boiled mutton! Asunga finished ironing after dinner. Went with Derg
for Betty. sat out in chairs, I went early to bed, Darned one pr. socks!

Thurs: 1st. April.
April,s Fool Day! and Derg made me one by getting me to see the "Moon" list at 7.30 am!! We
did sitting-room. and

Dearie put a drawer of books away. Another bath in after- tired so did not get much done in after.
Sat out in chairs.

A lovely night. Derg helped me tie down and label jam- No boat yet!! Steamer in, whistled about
9.30 pm!! Poor old Dergie was asleep- Went down I saw him off. Then slept and woke, on and off
till he got home at about Then we had some supper and read our letters- In bed after

Fri: 2nd. April.
We were a bit later in morning. I put things to rights after.
Heard from Mother That dear Mrs. Bland passed away- We will all miss our old Friend.

Sat: 3rd.
Got all morning work done in morning! Got tidied, I cut out covers for two "Rosewood chairs".
My old boy was ready. About four we had a swim at "The Passage", and went after Betty. Heeled
a pair of stockings after tea and darned socks.

Sun: 4th.
Up at 7.(late for us) Derg and I cut egg sandwiches, and about 11 am. Went off to the beach past
" Nop Wise's Passage", for a day out. Took "Gorden", and had a lovely time. A.T. came after us in
afternoon but could not find us!
Sat out in chairs,  and had our supper out in them at 6.30

Mon: 5th.
A wet morning, but fine about 11 am. I washed up etc. in kitchen, then did a little washing with
Asunga. Finished before dinner. A tin of Salmon opened for dinner. hurrah! Got tidied and
finished 1st. chair-cover- tired and head acky so had some pickle. 2nd one after supper. and we
talked of our farm. went to bed after 9.

Tues: 6th.
Up at 5 am! and set bread to rise- then dressed- Got our lunch after breakfast and at about 20 past
7 Dergie and I and the 3 boys from on top left for Lathu- A lovely morning, and we had a grand
day, like we always do there, in spite of being horrible tired in morning. Got a boat full of nuts
and left over 200- Sea choppy and got a shower before we got home. After tea read in our easy

Wen: 7th.
up at 5.30. Last night was so tired I cried instead of going to sleep- till Dergie soothed me like he
always does. Asunga broke our dear little blue wash basin! Bedroom done out. Dergie got fish this
morning, lovely Mackerel. Yam too for dinner. Its just coming in, hurrah!

Thurs: 8th.
Sitting- room day- baked today, as we let the <Missus> have one of our loaves on Thursday.
After dinner, got tidied, and sorted out some bedroom cloths, and table-cloths, to make. after
supper darned.

Fri: 9th. April.
Gut up oranges for jam, Marmalade, rather- After dinner and a rest, we went across in the boat to
see Mrs. Macafee and her baby, also the Missus and Doctor; the former I had not seen since I saw
her in bed Feb: 14th. They have been

the last month at Big Bay. the Baby's sweet! Born on "The Tambo"! Back to our own cosy tea-
Sewed at machine after- Had a small number of "melting moments"! We both had a grand night.

Sat: 10th.
Up at 6 am.!! Greatly rested. Nannie, or mutton for dinner! Finished marmalade soon after. 8
jars- then we had a grand rest, and a play! after went to see the work Derg is doing at the Corn
house, rebuilding the walls! poor old boy; then on for a swim. Tea in kitchen- Cold Meat, tea, etc.
etc:-  Wrote in here after and Dearie helped me cover the marmalade.

Sun: 11th.
up at 6.30. Lovely Sunday morning. a dear old time at home. Only felt tired most of day. Dergie
wrote a letter! I turned out "our little chap,s drawer", and put some of own underclothes in trunk.
we both had a good Sunday afternoon's rest in our room. Then I got tidied, and went on with the
We walked to far clearing to see if many nuts had fallen, and got Betty. I was still at clothes after
supper! About 9.30. pm. when I went to bed!

Mon: 12th.
Up 5.30 Helped A.- get on tub of white clothes to boil. Washed breakfast things and saw to
house. Then rinsed and blued clothes and hung them out. Got tidied, made scones, and porridge
Took Derg some milk, to corn house. Got one side of it done.
Partly made bag for cabinet. Planted fine fern by our door. Hemmed clothes for bedroom.
Finished sewing and darning after supper, Dearie, made the bread for me.

Tues: 13th.
up at 5.30. Baked. etc:- Starched ironed a little- Wrote in here after dinner- Ironed starched
things. (3 wee gowns amongst them!) Then went to Corn house and Derg and I went to"our
corner" for a swim, only I was tired so watched Dergie. Dearie Dynamited fish Got a small lot for
boys. Found some breadfruit waiting us at home, Hurrah! some for supper- Darned after.

Wed: 14th.
left somewhere after 7.30 am. for Lathu,( Nethgar and Tee.) Dearie landed me and "my
stockings", and pup on Island and then went round to other side for cocoanuts. but was soon back
again, and we went on to top to cocoanuts. Tired, very, all day. also, hungry- A nice day there,
like always on our dear old Island. of which we are "King and Queen"!
Went to bed about and read! Only- I soon slept.

Thurs: 15th. April.
up about 6. (The weather is quite fresh and cool in mornings now.) We did out Sitting room.
Wrote in here, Sewed in afternoon then walked to "Corn-house", to escort Derg home! Then made
the eventful banana fritters! The fat- I never saw any so actually red hot- cracked two earthen jars-
and the fritters were nice but brown too much! went to make bread- and yeast sent mountains of
flour out of the basin, everywhere!! It capped all other misfortunes and I just cried, I was so tired.
The dear old boy, came to the rescue, and finished the bread. We both read after.
Fri: 16th.
up 5.30. Breakfast 6.30. Hurrah! for it- Then began Misfortunes, which are unusual with two
ones- First upset half pan of milk over front of stove! Feeling a bit melty too, somehow. Then
after Derg had gone the "Young women" was troublesome, and I easily made out of temper- So I
went to dear old helper, and he came, and afterwards left us and everything, rights- But I got into
such a state of crying, before he came. Sure, I was weakish all the day... Billy tea and biscuits  for
dinner. A lovely rest with dearie.
Dressed, and took "Heeling" to corn-house. tea at 5.30. After we read, I read a bit out loud. Going
to bed I was feeling a bit bad and "Showery"- but Dearie soon made me feel right again.

Sat: 17th.
Up 20 to 6. Breakfast 15 to 7. Asunga washed coloured things. I finished in house, then did a
morning cooking- One of our own young roosters. A beauty.
Derg and I cleaned the spoons and forks, cruet, biscuit-barrel, and two silver teapots. First
cleaning of there lives! Then we went after Betty, and round our little farm yard.
Tea 15 to 6. Planted ferns A. brought. And Derg trans-planted roses.

Sun: 18th.
Up at 6.30. Was going to do wonders on the writing line, but too tired- (fat!) so lay on sofa and
read most of the cool Breezy, (windy!) Sunday- Dearie wrote to Nell, the good old boy- After
Supper started Mothers, and wrote 4 or 5 sides-

Mon: 19th.
Righto- up at 5.30. Washing mostly finished before dinner. A showery morning. Darned a bit,
and took Derg some tea to the corn-house. About a little after five Derg went off in the boat to a
french trader- the Wee Wee ("Oui Oui"): Not back to supper till after seven. I read my book
aloud- and it was grand reading to my boysie- till nearly!! Awful late- Set the lady in the

Tues: 20th.
A dreadful wet morning. All the shutters up! Breakfast in the kitchen- Made a date-pudding and
boiled custard, for pudding part of dinner- Ironed a wee bit- most of clothes still on line- Heeling
all afternoon- like "healing", its slow work! Set bread at five- Derg finished the walls of
Corn-house this evening-- hurrah! Wrote in here after supper, and sewed.

Wen: 21st. April.
All lovely cool days now Bedroom turned out- Poor thing!
Put up oranges for jam. About two, Nithgar and Newrie, pulled me to "The Mission"(in the boat!)
(Dearie stayed to
see me off and fortified me by giving me a cocoanut to drink and a piece of Copra for the boat,
Roses to wear too) Leastways were almost there but were "chased" by another boat and told they
were all on "White Sands"- So went there, found all sitting round "King Billy", A Thomas
presiding- Back to my boy at the Corn -house about 4. and we walked home and then he had a
swim at "The Passage" and we got Betty. On Tuesday evening, we had a game of Halma! our first
since we've been married, and played Solitaire. Cut out wrapper. (pink one)

Thurs: 22nd.
Sitting room day. Made marmalade (with brown sugar) 7 Jars. Sewed up wrapper a bit. Tired a
little- Went to bed early and read, Dergie did too, but soon went to sleep. Blew out light, and soon
after started crying and found it so hard to stop, in spite of Dergie helping me. but went to sleep
soon when I did- Our weekly tin of meat opened today.

Fri: 23rd.
Up soon after 5.30. The book ought to reach Uncle Sep today- Good luck to it! Boys started
copra- Made cakes etc. in morning- Dearie got me lovely ferns last evening for the sitting-room as
we expect the Mackenzies and Mrs. Macafee to afternoon-tea this afternoon.------- They got here-
minus the Doctor- about 10 to 3. Baby too! such a nice afternoon- after they left we went after
Betty- and I washed "the entertainment" up- and Derg made the bread, and after supper helped me
cover the marmalade- dear old boy- Wrote in here, and then we played games.

Sat: 24th.
The Missus sent us a lovely shoulder of "mutton". Derg caught (shot) some grand large Garfish.
So fish for dinner, mutton for supper. In after- cut Dearie's hair. Then we started Horden's list
(went shopping!) and then went after Betty- and sat on the side of our cool grassy hill. after supper
finished the list- about went to bed and read.

Sun: 25th.
up 6.30. We both feel grand and fit. So hurrah, for letter writing Derg wrote all morning. I all
afternoon. My poor old boy had a bit of fever before tea- so we both went to bed after tea, and I
read to him a little- A showery afternoon.

Mon: 26th.
up 5.30. Derg, righto. 17 boys altogether this morning!
Did kitchen work and helped Asunga. A lovely morning, but rain came suddenly in afternoon and
we could not get all the clothes in.
Work and washing finished before dinner so wrote on veranda all afternoon-
Boat in about 5. pm. "The Mailaita"- We had a lazy cup of tea before Derg went aboard- Quite a
big mail for us both. Derg back about Made a curry while he was away for our late tea.
Cargo bout nearly on reef. Frantic Small

whistling's! Small officer carried ashore! at "House-boat". Left curry, and went to the rescue!
Reading our dear old
letters till after ten. One to each of us from Ed. Don't think he will be coming after all, we are
sorry. Dear old Mother and Father sent us 2 of their beehives- 1 pr. double sheets and 10 jars
lovely apple jelly in small basket inside them.

Tues: 27th. April.
Asunga did all ironing
After dinner changed dress, and wrote all afternoon. Just before five horrid old crying started-
and I cried and cried!! Dearie brought me such a nice tea; Apple jelly and cream! and such a nice
cup of tea. Was only equal for tea- which was a shame! Dear old boy so good to me. but I must
have been- always am when like that- terribly trying- its a wretched thing- Derg wrote later, till

Wed: 28th.
Dearie brought me bread and milk and nice things, and I had breakfast in bed- lazy me- and my
boysie had his with me. Up just before dinner- Lazy- or tired- all afternoon. outside (in chairs)
after tea. Dearie like fever, so after lay on sofa, covered up. poor old boy! Boat in sight about
somewhere after Derg out waiting for her! Mrs. Macafee and Baby went home by her....
Took "our" Copra! 4:10- hurrah! 8 bags. Derg got dripping Whole tin! 10/-!!!  A.T. Gone to the
B.A. Meeting, By her. Dearie back after eleven- Sat on beach most of the time.- Read in bed (as
not sleepy) about 2 paragraphs- then- knew nothing more- except Derg blowing out lamp! A grand

Thurs: 29th.
Righto- Up 15 to 6. we did the two rooms out in morning- House so nice and fresh clean again.
About 4 went to meet Dearie, who was with the boys, and we had a lovely swim on the pretty
beach- I "set bread" before tea- breadfruit again! Tea at 5.30- only we are 15 mins; behind time!
been a lovely day.

Fri: 30th.
Baked bread, scones, and milk-buns, and made a boiled-apple-pudding. Sorted clothes for wash-
after Breakfast Dearie and I planted, Asters, Mynonetle, and Corn-flower seeds, such a lovely
morning- changed dress and did some mending till four- Ready to go for a swim with Derg, but
was too tired- Horrid old crying started- just- badly- Dearie brought tea in for us, but I could not
take any. Later we sat outside our porch in the moonlight, and before we went to bed Derg had a
dear little supper for us-(scones, cream, apple-jelly and milk!) it was nice. Dearie is always so
good to me- my dear old helper- A lovely night.

Sat: 1st. May
May day-- tired after yesterday. so did little but lie on the sofa all day. Dergie bottled and tinned
all the dripping- and cooked the fowl for dinner, dear old boy. Horrid old fever came a bit to him
in late afternoon- so we went to bed after tea, and I read aloud a bit- Ear felt a bit sore and I was
tired too, plenty.

Sun: 2nd. May.
Up at 15 to 7- after a grand night- and am righto again! Dearie alright too. Had our first own
yellow cucumber for dinner-A.1. Derg had a "Turkish" about 10.30. Theo arrived a few minutes
before, and stayed for dinner. Sent Mrs. Mackenzie some beans and picked some for ourselves for
tomorrow- We had our chairs out under the lime-tree after dinner- Theo went about four. Then we
got the billy and our tea and took it to our "Green Hill" close by- a perfect evening- Home; and I
wrote a letter to Ed.

Mon: 3rd.
Asunga in wash-house, I in Kitchen. Derg got Mummit apples and ginger and cut them up, and
put sugar on them., the dear old boy! helped me cut beans and with lots of other things. No time
for sewing until after supper- darned and did some mending- Not sleepy when we got into bed, so
read some of my book out loud. till about 10.

Tues: 4th.
Up 20 to 6. Made jam,(M.and ginger) 6 jars. A wet morning after breakfast: fine after dinner.
Derg put up holland pockets over writing-table- did them grandly! Washed head- Dearie, had a
Turkish, about 5.p.m. After tea read some of "Comin' thrro' the eye" aloud. We neither of us could
sleep well, so about ten I got us some water, biscuits, and milk for my boy, who did not eat much
supper( and he had a headache too, and I did not know) and we felt much better for it.

Wen: 5th.
Up 10 to 6! A wet morning, drizzly- Derg planted out bulbs, and had the new "Canadian Wonder"
Bean-bed made- Got the small copper mill from Theo- Derg ground some pepper- hoto! No
sewing!! Tired a bit, changed dress, read a wee bit more of book; put clean clothes, and wrappers
away. Set Asunga sewing.
Started Collingridge's book. A pain in side of back, so went to sleep over it!
Woke up going to bed, and wrote in here and pottered round. A most glorious moonlight night.

Thurs: 6th.
Up at 5.30. Bright moonlight! We did sitting-room out. Changed dress and darned till 4. Then
paid for about 71 lbs: hal, hal.(komela)- Had no Komela for such a time till today. I went to the
clearing where Derg and the boys were working, clearing the "big block"- An awful bit of work-
Not back till 5.20. Set bread- lined Dearie's old, old, hat.

Fri: 7th.
Baked bread- Did not do much other cooking- Tired all day, but busy too- After dinner started to
dye print dress. and Derg had a vapour. He soled my shoes, grandly, too. Finished dress about 5-
also had a "howl" to entertain Derg in his bath! Dearie had horrid headache and fever after tea.
We went to bed and I read to him a bit- About as we could not sleep well we had a biscuit and
some water- an A.1. supper.

Sat: 8th. May.
Up at 10 to 6. Felt horrid and sick and upset altogether Got breakfast, but had to lie on sofa.
Plenty Sick! and a bit of fever too. Down with it all day- went to bed before tea- We had it in our
room- Dearie, made a lovely tea for me. A game of Halma before we went to sleep!!

Sun: 9th.
Not up till about 7.20! A lovely rest. We put in fresh flowers and I tidied up our dear small
house- Feel not so much good, but will feel righto soon, I expect- After dinner we took papers and
went under the trees to Pretty Beach. but rain came and we soon ran home again- after supper I
wrote to miss Hunt.

Mon: 10th.
Up and got breakfast, and Derg helped me wash up, as Asunga was washing. Then had to go and
lie on bed, as I had the old fever again, head bad till after supper. Dearie, felt like it at supper time
And went to bed after, and had it, poor old boy.

Tues: 11th.
Up 15 to 6, both of us- Left fever about a bit. Asunga ironed darned in afternoon a little, and
Dergie had a Turkish- Darned a lot after supper.

Wed: 12.
Asunga did bedroom out. I started making paper bags for heating feathers in and Derg helped me
sort them to put in and bake- A tedious job!!!!! Both at them all day- Made a small, we pillow, of
white linen case, and we are  filling it with fine feathers- After tea made a small linen pillow-slip.

Thurs: 13.
Did work, and then we did more feathers! Two "Giants" doing them all day, and Asunga helped
in afternoon- I made a very stout unbleached calico case, for new pillow. Dearie, out at clearing-
came back with fever, and had just got into bed for our tea in our room- 20 to 6--- when-- in
walked Theo, and Mrs. Peterson! They went in to see Derg, and stayed and had tea, with me!
Bread night too! Pruned our rose tree! Gave P- a jar of M. apple and ginger jam- and in spite of
Dearie, poor old boy, pretending  and groans! stayed talking in his room till about 9.30!! Got
undressed, then got a cob each of roasted corn and thin bread and butter and we had a grand

Fri: 14th.
Got Dearie to stay till nearly nine! Baked, made ginger bread and scones, and roasted our 2nd. P.
Olry fowl. Some more feathers! and at 4 walked to where Derg and the boys were working. It
looks grand, they have got on well- Theo sent lantern back and said he was in for fever; Sent him
some gingerbread and milk, poor Theo. after tea I read aloud a bit and then Derg did- it was nice.
Soaked "colours" in. And Dearie put water on.

Sat: 15th.
Not up until 6! dreadful late! Asunga washed, I tidied house and cooked dinner- made a
date-pudding- Derg helped

me; And we picked all the beans. Got tidied and Derg paid all the boys from on top,- 3 reflers,
and others- off- and they went sky-wards in a body! 3 Noguyuites left-! Then dear old boy and I
did feathers till teatime- sure , I was tired, so was he Sewed up the wee pillow and the new one
after tea- so finished " feathering", on land, for a time- wrote in here.

Sun: 16th. May.
Up at 6.30. in morning had our chairs and books under lime-tree- a glorious day- I got so sleepy, I
came in on to the sofa- After dinner we both had a bit of a sleep- Read under tree a little and then
walked to the far small clearing and got Betty, after a rest on our green hill- Dearie like fever so
tucked him up on sofa and we had our supper on a tray in sitting-room. Read to him a little after.
the fever was horrid- poor old boy, but he is patient.

Mon: 17th.
Not up till 5 pt:6! Asunga washing, I in kitchen- Derg dug up right hand far bed and but soil on-
a ton - Only the 3 Noguyus! Sairsip, still with son and heir!- Took Kapok out of mattress and
pillow and washed the cases- Started Mothers letter, in dinner hour- After supper did some
mending- in the night felt like some sort of movement! Hurrah!

Tue: 18th.
Not up till 5 to 6! But its so dark of mornings. Asunga got most of ironing done- A wet showery
day- started mending small mattress and pillow-case before dinner- sewed at dinner hour- and in
afternoon stuffed and stabbed them- and cut out sheets, etc. its lovely, lovely work! Just before
tea, felt a sort of movement again lasting a little while- after supper looked out towels and quilt
for the "little chap", and sewed. Dearie carried the other ton of soil for the end bed, so its got 1
ton now.

Wed: 19th.
Another showery day- Derg planted "Franjipanni"- and re-stoned round the other end bed. put
clean clothes away, and sewed a little before tea- Derg had the horrid fever again- On the sofa till
bedtime- I read a little to him. and then he insisted on my going on sewing- dear old boy.
Thurs: 20th.
Up at 6.! Persuaded Dearie to have his breakfast in bed- We had such a nice one together- Nice
and sun shining after dinner- sewed- and then had such a nice walk with my boy dear- up to the
clearing- sat out side (on my new stool that Dearie finished for me today. such a little beauty-) for
a little while- Wrote in here, and sewed.

Fri: 21st.
Dearie varnished the cradle, stool, machine-case and little table- A wet day, the boys started
making copra- I cut out little blankets- and sewed in bedroom, the dear old room, in afternoon-
Darned socks after tea. Derg actually played Solitaire and beguiled me into playing a bit too, and
beguiled himself into darning a pair of unusually "holy" socks! hurrah!!.

Sat: 22nd. May.
Baked today instead of yesterday. Bread and milk-buns. One of our young roosters for dinner-
We, Hung the dear little cradle in the Smoke-house to try to get the borers out- Then I sewed and
Derg read. He felt a bit like fever, and got the horrid thing again- And had to go after Betty, ever
so far, and could not find her. Tea in the sitting- room- then Dearie went to bed- and I read a little
to him, and sat in our room, too.

Sun: 23rd.
Up about 7! Dearie stayed in bed till after breakfast- another lovely day- Wrote in here and to
Mother- Both weighed- Dearie 11 stone 5, I, 9 stone 4. Went out at 4.30. Derg milked Betty. (she
was away last night-) and I fed the pigs and fowls. Finished Mothers letter after tea. Went to bed
at 20 pt. 9.

Mon: 24th.
Up at 6. Asunga washed, I did work in kitchen- Derg helped me wash up. (did most of it.)
Washing in after "in and out" for small showers! We went after Betty, and then to corn-house
where we went swimming- Grand!- An egg each for tea! Fowls have not laid for ages- Corn has
finished and other food is scarce- Wrote after supper.

Tues: 25th. As usual.

Wed: 26.
Did some ironing in morning. Derg brought in buckets 1 ton more top-dressing for opposite new
end bed- terribly hard on my old boy.

Sitting room done out- got tidied- had our oranges at 3. Then took my darning and went to corn
house with Derg. where boys were sewing up copra bags- After we had a swim. Eggs for tea
again. Boat cooeed for nothing at all! Derg got boat out- Darned a little after tea.

Fri: 28th.
Up at 6. Man-o-war in about breakfast time for fresh meat (Derg's white bullock) just before
dinner boys came with letters! M-o-war had bought them- Answered them in afternoon A horrid
letter from S.N.T-- About 15 pt.4 Derg's share of bullock arrived- lovely meat- Dearie salted it-
we had grilled steak for tea!! ( About 56 lbs: of meat- and got about 3 bottles of lovely dripping)-
Wrote in here and read after, as it was late-

Sat: 29th.
We were busy bottling dripping and seeing to cooking and salting meat: Made a boiled suit
currant pudding and puff pastry (suet). Had a nice old Saturday afternoon, my boy and I- I sewed a
bit also after supper, Derg had his chair out and we sat out in our porch and I made 2 oven-cloth
and 1 kettle-holder! hurrah.

Up 6.30.- A lovely lovely morning- Soon after breakfast: Dearie started to walk to "Lokalee", but
met the young men on the White Sands, and brought them back to dinner. I went a little way with
my Dearie, as far as White Sands- Lovely "Roast Beef" for dinner- and a piece of a Yam that
weighed 12 lbs.- young men left soon after dinner. WE, had a grand old rest, then wandered out
after Betty. Sat on our green hill (Which is not far away!) Got our little own supper- We both
(after watering the garden- at least I watched Derg) set at writing letters, only I cried, a wee bit,
instead! It was tiresome- So lay on sofa and read instead.

Mon: 31st. May.
Up at 5 pt. 6! Sat down and started nice old bread and milk when horrid old crying started again-
and I was so hungry. Lay down for a little bit, then finished a good breakfast: and was righto
again- Dearie, helped me such a lot all day, and we made grand brawn- just cut out 2 more small
sheets- late all day, somehow- wrote after supper.

Tues: 1st. June.
Up at 5 to 4!!! Steamer whistled! Only 1 whole boy to pull with Derg, so I went to steer- We
arrived on board the old Lambs in the dark, and sat on the deck till some of them woke up- Mrs.
Mackenzie, Dr. and children away in her till next month- Dr. to Synod at Vila- Turned out a
lovely day- Captain Wetherall very nice, and gave us some apples, beauties. Asunga Ironed and
folded clothes- Port Olry boys over- Baked bread and some scones- Washed stockings in
afternoon and sewed a little- at four Dearie and I went to the Passage for a swim, t'was lovely, and
got Betty- Asunga got a bit of fever. so Derg and I washed up tea-things- Wrote in here and
sewed--- Found our time was 35 mins: fast! so have been getting up early, all the time! hurrah!

Wed: 2nd.
Up at 5.30. Asunga did bedroom out. I sewed a little in morning. and in afternoon we had a swim
at the Passage-- Tired, and cried a little- Asunga did pot shelves.

Thurs: 3rd.
Sitting room done out- Dearie planted young daisy plants out, and the long back-ground of
trenched ground.
Asunga brought red dress and took it to Learah's in afternoon to get it made- Derg finished a
lovely rustic seat on the crown of this rise under a cocoanut- In afternoon after finishing seat Derg
went to see how cutter engine was, and stayed till tea time helping Theo- it would not go- had the
first piece of salted and smoked beef, just lovely- hot for tea!
Tired and cried a little so went to bed soon after supper Dergie had the small bed and cushion
and smoked, and we both read.

Fri: 4th.
Rained most of the day.(After Dearie had watered plants!) Asunga scrubbed kitchen things-
Sewed in morning a little in the porch, and Dergie covered box from bathroom out there- sewing
in after- later, when rain held up a little, we went to corn-house for a swim from there. Water is
quite cold now- A nice cosy evening, like they all are- We played
"Solitaire" a little, and I sewed and darned- It kept my old boy from sleeping well, so no more of

Sat: 5th. June.
Up at 5.30. We went round our garden and I went with Derg while he fed pigs and fowls and
chicks- A lovely day- Then made pudding and cakes- Asunga washed coloured things- Dinner
late, 12.30! Rubbed stuff on own head, got tidied and cut Derg's hair. heaps of natives down in
Dearie made a dear little rustic table by our seat, and a stool- a club one- for himself- Then we
went to corn-house for my brooch. Sat on our seat after tea a little, then came in, and I wrote in
here and sewed.

Sun: 6th.
Up at 6.30. About we started off for the day. (A. went to Mission) We went to the passage
on the Eastern side of the point looking towards Oba. just lovely- Big waves and such a fresh
breeze- Then walked back to Nobweisi's and Derg made one of his grand fires, and we found an
old tree further along beach and sat there with our books.( Cried a wee bit ) was so happy, sure-
Home about 4. Dearie fed pigs fowls, chickens, Larry, watered plants and got meat for tomorrow!
WE had a grand bath; I, had a shower! Then, we had supper on the little table, by "our seat"- I
wrote after, and read- Must try to do a lot of sewing this week.

Mon: 7th.
Up 5.30. Asunga washed, I in Kitchen- Dearie helped me wash breakfast things and did all dinner
things himself, the dear helpful old boy- So as I could get to sewing- sewed most of the afternoon-
and in evening.

Tues: 8th.
Asunga ironed and folded- I- sat down to sewing at Derg made the bread this time, and its
beautiful- Rubbed egg on head, then washed it. Did some sewing and went after Betty with Derg-
sewed and darned after supper. Dearie read aloud "The Newcomes" and then I did.

Wed: 9th.
Up 5.30 Breakfast, lately, always at 6.30- hurrah!
Asunga did bedroom- Busy all morning- WE saw a pretty little sailing-vessel sailing up the bay in
the morning- Derg heard they were friends of his from Figi so went in the boat, after dinner, to see
them- They were up at "Lokalee"-- Got ready for afternoon-tea- Opened two tins of biscuits; both
being eaten by insects, such a shame- Tired somehow, and hardly did any sewing- Dearie home
before tea, The dear old boy, and foolish me, I cried and cried and cried that evening- I was just
tired- it was horrid.
Dearie, went on board the "May Queen" after tea and had a nice evening- He wanted to stay with
me but I was right- I read a bit in bed after a while and then went to sleep.

Thurs: 10th.
We did sitting-room out and put flowers and ferns in as Deary expected "them" to
afternoon-noon-tea- I cooked cakes in the morning- Tea things ready, and so were we, and we
waited, and waited! At last at 4.30 they all arrived- And we asked them to stay for supper-- and
they did- Derg's friends Mr. Harland and Mr.Choyer, and Mr. Johnson,(N. H. Labour Inspector.)
Thomas Bros. and ourselves.-- Seven! They got there Phonograph and the music was lovely after
tea- Heard of Ed from Mr. H. who is so nice- They left about 11.
Fri: 11th. June.
Wet morning and afternoon. Dearie, finished the grand little house for the two beehives Father
sent us. We had a lovely swim round at our "dressing-room".

Sat: 12th.
Saw the "May-Queen" sailing out. Derg waved his flag, and they hoisted theirs- Cooking in
morning; Derg gave me a helping hand, by cleaning and washing chicken. After dinner- about
2.30.- we went across with Asunga and boys, in boat, to get some things from Kate's garden;
Saw Sairsege's Piccaninnies and went to see Arthur for a minute. Got some blue calico- Darned
after tea.

Sun: 13th.
Up at 7 Derg planted the cuttings and plants. A glorious day-
Arther rode over about 10.30. After dinner we all had a rest- and I believe- a sleep- A. left about
4.30., and Dearie and I went after Betty- supper on "our seat"- Wrote after- But was sleep-o- - -

Mon: 14th.
Up 5.30. Dearie helped me lots all day- he, did wash the breakfast: and dinner things- - hustled
me out!! the dear old boy- He, cut up oranges for jam too! Asunga washed. Started to make a pr:
of bathing-trousers for Derg- A. Thomas rode over in afternoon to see Dearie- Had afternoon-tea
(which spoilt our supper!) Sewed after supper. and ended up with Crying a "small" 
considerability- just tired- Dearie always comforts me lots though.

Tue: 15th.
Up at 5 to 6! Cooked another piece of "our beef" 3lbs: Its lovely- Asunga ironed. finished the
bathing trousers after supper- Made Orange Jam- 7 jars. and covered (Dearie helped me.)
Derg made and put up a "wether" Curtain on Kitchen window.
I mended larger saucepan- in bed about 9.30- no 10. o'clock.

Wed: 16th.
Up at 5.30. Bedroom done out: Put matches in kitchen box- Tired a bit in morning- Washed
socks and stockings About 3.30 went with Derg up to where boys were clearing- then on round to
"Our dressing-room" by the bush, got ferns- a lovely walk- and a lovely swim- - and a lovely
supper- sat on seat little while- and wrote in here.

Thurs: 17th.
We did sitting-room out- Derg started to paint the boat.

Fri: 18th.
Derg finished boat and painted the three tanks- I sewed at muslin lining to cradle- Both went
early to bed and read aloud in turns; Dergie did for company for me, as I was tired a bit and cried
a bit, so went to bed soon after tea- The reading and all was nice.

Sat: 19th. June.
Up at 5.30.- Made cottage pudding and cakes- Dearie working all afternoon, (I took things off
shelves) and painted the shelves- window casements, doors, etc:- Tired in the evening, so did no
sewing all day- Doing nothing this last week, but getting tired and crying-!

Sun: 20th.
Sunday Morning!not up till 7. Both of us pottering round most of the morning- Derg mostly in
garden- Wrote most of afternoon- Began and finished Mother's. We went after- no we didn't, Derg
got Betty, I lit fire and got tea. Wrote after till about 9.30. Quite a cold breeze!

Mon: 21st.
Up 5.30. His birthday- Dearie busy putting new wire on windows and painting door etc.- Asunga
washed- I sewed some in morning and in after:- Was going with Derg for Betty but was tired.
Made bread after tea, and we sat on seat for a while- Felt something like movements! Wrote in

Tues: 22nd.
Tired morning- more few "melting moments". Made some tea at made us feel A.1.-
Dearie washed shelves for me and we put china back- Kitchen dose look nice- Soon after
breakfast we "drafted" fowls, and cut their wings- Sewed in afternoon, Dearie killed a 56lb: pig of
our own, and got it ready for cutting up tomorrow morning- did it beautifully. Sewed a little after
tea- Felt horrid, restless, and cold, not stop from crying on and off.

Wed: 23rd.
Dearie up early to cut up and salt piggie, before 5.30. Up too, but horrid crying came on and I had
to retire again- and stopped there till after Dearie brought me at breakfast: the loveliest
fried pork chops, I ever dreamed of/ porridge and tea, a lovely breakfast- My Dearie is always
dear and good to me- had tea- lunch at 12. as breakfast: was about 15 to 9- Asunga swept
bedroom in afternoon Seemed to feel a little movement, and saw a slight moisture on breast. Feel
almost sure, and am so happy- Darned after tea, a little till needle broke! Then read I read some of
Derg's book aloud. (Boys started making Copra) (4 eggs)

Thurs: 24th.
Sitting room day- Did most of Horderns list in afternoon I did Tuck in Asunga's dress at same
time- I got a silly idea in my head after supper, and went on to the beach and cried a fair amount
to swell the ocean- Could not stop so went to bed- Dearie, was good to me. ( 4 eggs)

Fri: 25th.
I got up at 6. And the dear old boy cooked the breakfast- Dearie found the hams and shoulders
not keeping, so gave 1 to boys, A., and us 1- other shoulder he resalted- So tired I howled a
bit more, it's horrid- saw to lamps with Derg after dinner- Malekula boys here yesterday and
brought some pigs, and let "Bushie" go- - - Tired, so lay on sofa a little- Made bread before
supper- sat on seat a little while after- wrote in here, and sorted work basket- -that's all- Scarcely
any, no none- sewing done last 2 days. (2 eggs) ( pink rose, 1 stem with 29 Buds)

Sat: 26th. June.
Up about 10 to 6- Asunga washed coloured- - Made cottage pudding and baked bread, cakes-
Finished every thing by 12.20- dinner- We had a rest, then Dearie changed and went to see
Thomas Bros. about chartering their cutter- (They can't let him have it, say they want it all the
I changed too, and darned , and brought cocoanuts and yam- Made tea-cakes scones for tea- The
poor old boy got in dripping wet! It rained so- (Is a real wet night.) Brought some onions for us,
Darned after tea- wrote in here.

Sun: 27th.
Up at 7.30!! Our latest yet for even Sunday! But we were talking over "the affairs of the
kingdom-"! About Dearie going by this steamer to try and get some boys- Derg hung remains of
piggie up to smoke. Had onions boiled in milk with our piggie, (ham) and yam!
After a rest we went for a lovely swim round at our dressing-room, then went after Betty- Had
pigs tail for breakfast- with other things- saw crowds of small beetles over and on to cocoanuts in
Betty's paddock; Derg says we have had them at some of the other trees as far back as a couple of
The biggest and longest "Quake" I have ever felt while we were having tea, it made one feel
Swayey after.
Dearie, made some bread we are making for the Mission folk, when they get home- Sat on seat
after- the loveliest moonlight night- Then wrote a bit after.

Mon: 28th.
Asunga washing- Wrote to Lisi, wile my dear old boy washed the breakfast things for me. He
helped me wash dinner things too- Sewed at little nun's veiling dress in afternoon, after Derg and I
had cut up oranges for jam; Dearie read aloud while I sewed after tea, then we sat on our seat
awhile- Poured in night. (Derg got 1 bag copra from Louis)

Tue: 29th.
Up 20 to 6. Wet but turned out fine, finished work at 9.30. Darned some socks, wrote in here, and
sewed- No boat yet- At 2.30. sat down to sewing- jam on, Dearie bottled it after tea, (6 jars of
marmalade) I made bread- We tied it down. Sewed all evening- before we sat on seat little while-
In bed about 10.

Wed: 30th.
Up about 20 to 6. Baked bread, did some flowers, and washed stockings,and many etc: put clean
clothes away- no sewing in morning. Asunga did our room out. Got tidied- Made new bag for
sponge- and started to darn when the boat at last came (about 4 pm.).
Went out with Dearie- An awful hunt for rollucks!
Mackenzies home again- did not see them- No Thompersons- Derg picked me "La France" to
wear ( a beauty ), saw Capt: Wetherland, M. Johnson and Mr. Walford- Capt. gave us some
apples- Refused Derg's copra! and its first class- Got a lovely box of birthday presents, packed by
the dear old

Mother- 2 from father hurrah! Not home till dark. Groceries not come- 4 letters for me- Reading
them till ( L.Hughes sent rooster ).

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