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Edwin (Ned) John Witts
Birth: 6/2/1862 at Archers Flat , Cathcart N.S.W., Australia- Bombala reg: 5738
Death: 1932 in Parkes, N.S.W., Australia
Sex: M
Alfred Edward Witts
Mother: Sarah Anne Tivey  

Spouses & Children

Marriage:    29/10/ 1885 at “Fairfield” Delegate  NSW., Australia  ( by Rev. J.C.Betts }
Wife             Rachel RANKIN., (daughter of Donald RANKIN and Christina HUTCHINSON

                   ( Grazier ))  b. 8 Jul 1864 in BENDOC, Vic. AUST
                   d. 1944 in Parks NSW. AUST          

1.  Maud M WITTS b. 1888 in Bombala, N.S.W., Australia- Nursed and died in South Africa
2. Russel Gordon WITTS b. 1890 in Bombala, N.S.W., Australia d: 2/11/1918

                                                                                                 (from wounds WW1)

3. Edric Leigh WITTS b: 1894 d: 25/3/1921 ( from wounds WW1- Lieutenant A.I.F. )

                                                                                         ed: Shore School  (GPS)                  
4. Aubrey Elwyn WITTS b. 1895 in Parkes, N.S.W., Australia- Light Horse WWI-

                                                                                      Flight Lieutenant R.A.A.F. WW2

                                                                                      Ed: Shore School (GPS)      
5. Violet WITTS b. 1896 in Peak Hill, N.S.W., Australia., d 1897, Peak Hill NSW
Doris A WITTS b. 1898 in Peak Hill, N.S.W., Australia-
     M Alexander M BALCOME, 1924, Parks NSW., b 1902 Peak Hill NSW

7. Gladys Minetta Ray WITTS b. 1901 in Peak Hill ., Australia-
     M. Patrick Colin Cambell HUMFREY 1936 Parks NSW reg.18441., b 1902 Peak Hill, 

8. Lornal L.Tivey WITTS b. 1908 in Parks NSW. M. Frank BRAYSHAW 1932

    m2: Alex Authur – No issue- Step Children

Notes by John Witts

 Ned was a very successful Surveyor and Landholder

 Owned or leased with his brother (Fred Theadore Witts) “Jumble Plains” Tullamore NSW 1985-1908 (9,000 acres) plus other properties

Surveyed the town of Tullamore and surrounding area

 Died in 1932 as mentioned in Walters poem Xmas 1945

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