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 Charles Ferdinand WITTS

Birth  31/10/1879 in Bombala NSW [Australia] Reg. No. 10247
Death   28/11/1957 in Pambula NSW

Alfred Edward WITTS
     Sarah Anne Tivey
Spouse   Elvie E F St. Clair 
e  23/4/1913 in Sydney NSW


           1. Geoffrey Charles WITTS b: 1916 d: 15/6/1926 at 10 Yrs. from Pleurisy

           2. Audrey  A. WITTS b: 1917 never married d: 30/6/2006

              3. Allan WITTS b:1920 m: Jill BERRY  (WW2 drew block 'Wyadra'- next door to 'Rosemount')

                4. Theodore (Theo) Henry WITTS b: 1922 m: Janet SOUTH d: 1998 at 'Langcorner'     Bombala-                                                Served in WW2 the 2/3 Australian Commando Squadron Trooper- NX56347

                 5. Doris Elvie  b: 1924 d: 21/2/1926 ( at 15 months of Meningitis- the two children died
                                                                                            within 4 months- Doris and Geoffrey)

by John Witts

  Educated at Sydney Grammer July 1899 to April 1900 (19/20 Yrs old)
  Charles was born 4 months after his Father died of 'hydatid cysts'
  and lived his entire working life on the Family property  'Rosemount'

  Which he managed for A.E Witts Estate

Grave Stone Inscription

In loving memory of

Charles Ferdinand WITTS


Aged 78

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