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Alfred Dyts Witts         Birth    29 Nov 1808 in Kent [England
Death   16/2/1895 in Young NSW [Australia]
Sex       Male
Father   Edward (Alfred ?) Witts Birth 2/11/1771 ? Occ. Porter and Gatekeeper to Mssrs Harris and Co.

             Hatters of Southwark England
Mother Elizabeth Clarke

Rebecca Myles
Birth    6 Mar 1810 in Kent [England]
e  8 Jan 1831 in Newlington [England]
  11/9/1848 Queanbeyan NSW

     Rebecca Elizabeth Witts-   Birth 11 Aug 1832 in Putney, Surrey [England]

2       Eliza Clara Witts               Birth 19/Jan/1834 Death 1883 Armidale NSW [Aust]  

3       Elizabeth Rose Witts         Birth 1836 Death (on voyage) 6/3/1838

4       Alfred Edward Witts         Birth 22/5/ 1837 [England] Death 15/6/1879 Bombala NSW [Aust]

5        George Charles Witts       Birth 1/5/1842 in Berrima NSW [Australia] Died 1890 Bainsdale Vic

6        Elizabeth  Harriet Witts    Birth 7/6/1845 in Queenbeyan [Australia] m: James MARTIN
d: 1883 in  Armidale

Theodore William Witts  Birth 21/11/1846 in Queenbeyan [Australia] Death 24/7/1926 in Tumut,

       John Myles Witts            Birth 8/9/1848 in Queenbeyan [Australia] Died 1 day old Buried with his
Mother- 13/9/1848 Queenbeyan NSW [Aust]

 2      Minnie Frances Bell (Nee Jasper ) Died 1911 age 80Yrs Buried Ganmain NSW [Aust]
 Narrandera Reg.No. 11175

1869 in Port Macqurie NSW [Australia] (Reg. No. 3307

1       Adolphus Clarke Witts       Birth  1870 in Port Macquarie NSW (reg.No. 15871) Died 1945)
Married Hilda M. Nowland 1903

2       Minna Frances Witts         Birth  1872 in Port Macquarie NSW (Reg.No. 16402 Married 
 Leslie John Dawson 13/7/1892 in Young NSW [Aust] (both Drappers)
Extract from
Passenger / crew list
Arrival of the ship Orontes
from London 23rd Nov 1837
to Sydney 18th May 1838

Surname              First                Title           Notes
Witts              Alfred Dyts   
Witts              Rebecca   
Witts              Alfred Edward   
Witts              Rebecca Elizabeth   
Witts              Eliza Clara   
Witts              Elizabeth Rose                       dov
Witts              Edward                                 brother of Alfred Witts
Witts              Eliza                                    wife of Edward Witts no children

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