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al fresco---- In the open air

A “patrol”— The Australian Horse was divided into squadrons, as follows.---

                   “A”  Cootamundra; Gundagai; Murrumburrah.

                   “B”  Araluen; Braidwood; Goulburn; Michelago-Bredbo;


“C”  Lue; Mudgee; Rylstone.

“D”  Belltrees; Muswellbrook; Scone.

“E”  Armidale; Boggabri; Gunnedah; Tamworth.

Beef it out---See it through

Bob---------- Shilling a former monetary unit

Boers--------Dutch for farmers

Burghers--- A member of the middle class

boshter----- or “bonzer” -Really good

chivoo------A party or celebration (from the French chez vous – at your place)

Common weal- Commonweal. Noun. (1) The common welfare, the public


     (2) Archaic, The body politic; a Commonwealth.

     (Macquarie Dictionary.)

Contingent--A temporary military unit

Cossack Post-An outpost consisting of four men, forming one of a

                     single line of posts substituted for the more formal line

                     of sentinels and line of pickets.

Café-noir--- Small cup of strong black coffee without milk or cream

Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori-From Latin--It is sweet and Glorious

                                                          to die for one's country


Dulce far niente-- sweet doing-nothing.

embonpoint----The bodily property of being well rounded or slightly fat

Fraulien-------- Fräulien in Germany, a young lady; an unmarried woman: as

                        a  title, equivalent to Miss.


fraus----------- Frau in Germany- A married woman; used as a title

    equivalent to Mrs. in English

Helio------------ Heliograph. A means of signalling by reflecting the Suns rays

     with a mirror.

Hussars--------A member of a European light cavalry unit; renowned for

                       elegant dress

Inspanned----- Attach a yoke or harness to "inspan the draft animals"

Kaffir -----------An offensive term for any Black African

Kopje-----------A small hill rising up from the African veldt

Krag-Jorgensen-A rifle designed by the Norwegians Ole Krag and

                         Erik Jorgensen of various types 1888 to 1935

Krupp--------- German-made 75 mm light field gun (12 –pounder)

Lee-Enfield-- British army’s standard bolt-action magazine-fed repeating rifle

                    1895 to 1956

Laage-------- A camp defended by a circular formation of  Wagons




Mannlicher- Mauser-Mannlicher rifle 88 it used the box magazine

concept that was developed by Ferdinand Ritter von Mannlicher. it was designed to handle then newly developed smokeless powder cartridge.

Mauser----- A German arms manufactured repeating rifle and pistol

                  (1838-1914) Model 93, which introduced a short staggered-

                  column box magazine holding five 7x57mm rounds flush

                  with the bottom of the rifle, which could be quickly reloaded

                  by pushing a strip of rounds down from the top of the open bolt.


Maxim- The Maxim gun was the first effective machine gun portable enough

   to be used in warfare. Invented by American Hiram Maxim

  (1840 -  1916) in 1885

Mealie- An ear of corn

meer-cat- The name Meerkat (meer cat) comes from the Afrikaans (Dutch

population of South Africa). The English translation is marsh cat, although Meerkats don't live near marshes and they are not cats. Specifically Meerkats live in the southern part of Africa which is dominated by the Kalahari desert - The Kalahari spreads over the countries of South Africa, Namibia, Angola, Botswana, and Zimbabwe.

Miss Hobhouse- Emily Hobhouse Belonged the Adult Suffrage

       Society. and was opposed to the Boer War; especially the

       treatment of Women and children in the British

       concentration camps

Nek--------------- South Africa: a low point in a ridge of mountains between

       Two peaks, often the site of a pass

Non-est---------- (Latin) non= none

                          est= it is right, it is fitting, it is lawful.

                         as much as in me lies.

One and Tuppenny--Not worth much

Outspanned---- Remove the yoke or harness from-“outspan the draft animal”

Pompom--------- An automatic quick-firing gun- firing a one-pound shell

predicants-- One who predicates, affirms, or proclaims (a, Dominican;

 Preaching friar)

puris naturalibus- [Latin] State of Nature or Naked

ubiquitous-------- Being present everywhere at once

Requescat in pace---Rest in Peace

Rinderpest-     An acute infectious viral disease of cattle (usually fatal);

                       characterized by fever and diarrhoea and inflammation

                       of mucous membranes

Sassiety-------Play on Society

sine qua non-- is from the Late Latin, meaning "without which not”

                        “an indispensible condition”

sjambokking-Using the sjambok:- which is the traditional whip of South

  Africa It is made from an adult hippopotamus or rhinoceros


spruits ----- (in southern Africa) a small stream

Stoep-------- Small porch or set of steps at the front entrance of a house

Tommy------ Slang For English people

Somnus----- The Latin name for the personification of sleep

Veldt---------Elevated open grassland in southern Africa

verdomne Rooineks--- Derogatory term for English person (used by the