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Alfred Dyts Information Sheet
Facts Below from information gathered by 
 A and E 0sborn
John Witts from Collarenebri NSW

        Native of England, County of  Diocese of Rochester, Born

        Boarded  Orontes  from  London 23rd Nov 1837 to Sydney
18th May 1838        

Ref.  occupation. (Ships records )
        Five Years service from15/6/1830 – 22/6/1835 in Metropolitan
        Police Reg. 4432.
Reference  Mr Bickwill, (Superintendent of Police ) London

        Silk hatter- Reference signed by H. Barr, Blackman St. London

        Religion—Protestant Episcopalian (C of E)

        Education—Reads and writes

Information after landing in Australia

Queenbeyan--  1839 Policeman,
                        1840 Lockup Keeper
                         27/2/1841 Chief Constable to 13/11/1851

                                    NSW Gazette

                         28/10/1842 appointed Inspector of Slaughterhouses 
                                           at Queenbeyan
                         27/4/1844   appointed Bailiff of the courts of petty 
                                             session Queenbeyan

                                   SYDNEY MORNING HERALD 1845

                          14/2/1845 Chief Constable   at Queenbeyan  
                                            Reprimanded for being inside
                                            an INN after hours  Discovered there by
                                           HEWITT, a member of the mounted  police-
                                           innkeeper fined


                                             GOULBURN HERALD
                      15/7/1845 article on Queenbeyan Court House and Justice
                                           Alfred Witts, Chief Constable—
                                           Acting as Attorney- General, and by virtue of office,
                                           law adviser


                       3/3/1849    Chief Constable at Queenbeyan Licensed as 

                                         Went to goldfields—Through 1852                       

Bombala                            1853 Chief Constable at Bombala to 1859 
                                          Dismissed illegally over wrongful arrest of daughter

Click to see Graphic copy of Petition to legislative assembly of NSW )

                                          ( Click to see Graphic copy of Judgment legislative assembly of NSW )

                                          1861 Sheriffs Bailiff at Bombala

Port Macquarie                  1863 Prison Warder to 1878

                                          1869 Married Minnie Bell. ( Pt Macq. reg No. 3307 )

                                         Children-1870 Adolphus Clarke Witts-
                                                                 m. Hilder M Nowland in 1903                                        

                                                       1872 Minna Frances Witts- 
                                                                 m. Leslie John Dawson  13/7/1892

Young                                1878 Prison Warder to 1883

                                                   Retired- and lived in Dundas St. Young

                                                  Died 16/2/1895 in his own home at Capel St. 

Photographic Information

                                               Alfred Dyts WITTS_Immigrant Crt.
lfred Dyts WITTS Info.
                                               Bombala block land-1842
                                               Letter ref. to land-A. D. WITTS-1847

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