MAD Mark's DeTomaso Pantera

1974 L Model #7315

First Interest: I wanted a DeTomaso Pantera when I first laid eyes on it at an early 1970s Chicago Car Show.  I loved checking out the muscle cars of that era.  Unfortunately, I was still in grammar school when an average person could just visit their local car dealer and order a car custom built from the factory.

About 20 years later,

He Has My Car: When I left the military in the mid 1980's to attend college, I worked various part-time jobs to help supplement my income.  One job I took was a security guard for an upscale condominium located at one of Florida's famous waterfronts.  The job gave me time to study during the boring night hours.  I walked the area many times but never saw anything out of the ordinary,,,,,until. One night I heard a powerful car start up in the multi-story garage adjunct to the main building.  As it made its way down the garage ramps, I was very interested in seeing the wonder car that sounded great.  There it was, in front of the main door.  It was black.  It had a huge wing on it.  Was it a Countach?  Oh my, it is a Pantera!  THAT GUY HAS MY CAR!

Another 20 years later,

Getting My Pantera:
One day I visited  Matt, a friend of mine who purchased a Triumph Spitfire, similar to a car his dad had when he was a youth.  I told Matt my dream car was a Pantera, but never in my life, planned-out how I was going to acquire one.  I was getting excited and started to do research on Panteras.  One day neighbor Scott notified me that Rob, who owned a local service garage, had a Pantera.  Rob would not sell me his car, but he heard of a doctor who wanted to sell his.  After a month of  tracking-down doctor B and his beautiful black Pantera, we finally closed the deal, and  I told Doctor B that I only saw two Panteras on the street in my lifetime.  The first time was in the late 1970's on a Florida state road, and second  when I worked as a security guard at the condominium in the mid 1980's.  Doctor B told me that he owned his Pantera over twenty years and had in fact lived in a condominium at that waterfront twenty years ago.  I was astonished and told him  how I proclaim to myself, twenty years ago, that "He Had My Car!



DeTomaso Pantera
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