March 10th, 2003
NOBODY LOVES ME!!! Oh, well. I updated again...and guess what? We have guest artists! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayy!! Go check out the art room!!! Go!! And of course...new fanfics and chapters added...also...I seperated the R-NC-17 fics in their own section so little kiddies don't read them by accident. ^.^ Or do they read them by accident? And of course...I redid the submission guidelines so it's new and up to date with my current tastes...so.....SEND ME YAOI/YURI FICS DAMMIT!!! I WANT THEM!!! *ahem* And hmmm...yes. ^_^ We have new links. That is all I think. You'll find the rest on your own. Man...sorry I took so long toload your artwork Ally!!!
November 8th, 2002
My god! It took me sooo long! Sorry! Well to make up for it, I made a big update! The Art Room has a new section! The misc section! Miscellaneous art!! And just so you know, I've put in 15 new pics for you to see! That's not all! In the fanfic section, I've updated some stories and added another one in honor of my new game obsession, Shadow Hearts!! And of course...a brand new section all together! It's a personality quiz section called Insanity Reigns! Go and have fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!!!
July 12th, 2002
Well...not much today. Added a pic to the originals section of my art (someone PLEASE send in some fanart) and added a new section to Pokemon: Champions of the World rp at the RPG Living-Room. That is all until next time. ^___^
June 29th, 2002
Yeah...small update. Added another chapter of 'All For Love' and fixed up the links page for it to actually work! Hahahaha....Also added my big sister, Rika's site!! Yay!! ^________^ It's cool and pretty and nice layout and stuff (you can tell I've been eating candy). ^________^ Go and see it! Nevermind my boring site!!!
June 18th, 2002
Not such a big update today. Just fixed up the links page so it would look slightly more prettier...didn't work out as usual...oh, well. Maybe I'll find something I can do with it. Bright side...I've been fooling around with my programs and I made some banners. ^_____^ Yay! Now you can link me!!! (not that you would....) Also added more links!! Yay! You can escape the boredom that is me!!!
June 15th, 2002
Okay. Another update. Cool, ne? *wink* Added two new sections to the art room and of course. Lots of new art!! ^_^ And not just by me, so go and look!!! Also...updated the library. New chapters of Silence (finally), All For Love, and the Mask That I Wear are up!! Wheeeeeeeee!!
June 7th, 2002
You know what time of year it is?! It's summer! And my birthday is in six days!! *hint hint* Anyways...added two new sections to the art room. Yuppers and finally...a links page in case you people get really bord of my site!! New stories in the Library!! Yayy!! For once it's not just me!! My big internet sista has joined the fray!! Whooo-hoo!! Interesting story, but must be of age to read!! ^.^ See you!!!! Oh, yes...added another chapter of All For Love!!!!
May 25th, 2002
Phew...my back hurts, but anyways...a HUGE section has come into the art room. Now you can see all the fanfic/rpg art I've been doing and stuff like that....and you know what? There're over 20 pictures in that gallery alone, so you'd better go and see it! Also...yes! We FINALLY have a library now!! I've finally updated and re-vamped it so you can read all new stories and all new chapters that have yet to be added in waaaay before. ^________^ Hey....I don't want JUST my stuff. Send in yours too...just check your computer for viruses, okay? I will never like you if there is a virus and you send me an e-mail and my poor Masamune (compy's name) will become sick and my Papa will never let me use a computer ever again...That's all for now...Now I'm going to go re-vamped the other stuff so you can catch up with what I've been writing lately. ^___^
May 21st, 2002
Wow...I'm starting to not become lazy....I added a about me section again both in the main and RPG Living - Room, also one about my wonderful(ly evil and annoying) twin at RPG Living - Room because he is helping me maintain it. We also have the join form up so you guys could join prematurely before we even get the sections up, yay! I also fixed the art gallery to look better too. Everythin is so neat and ptidy and pretty! Lets keep on hoping that I can put up the fanfiction up soon!
May 20th, 2002
Happy Victoria Day! Okay, on with the update. Not much. I added rules for the RPG Living-Room so you guys know what you're up against. ^_^ Now...if I can add the join form, you guys can come and join!!
May 19th, 2002
Another update and another section has been added. ^_^ Yays! I like the chibis sooo much...sooooo cute!! ^_^
May 11, 2002
Oh, my!!! Waaaaaaaaay!! Too long. But no worries dearies...I will be back on track soon!! I have already re-vamped a little. When I am done is another question. Yes, most of the art is down, but you can still see some of my art. Now....must keep working....
March 22, 2002
Whoa...it's been too long. Didn't do much change...maybe I'll re-vamp this site somday...someday...Well I did change the index page and of course. I put a site map, too. I will put up some more fanart, but not now...I'm tired and very very sick...maybe later. Bye!
December 27th
Yeah...I got offa my butt again. I fixed the Random Ramble links, so you guys can read them again. And I also added two new chapters of Silence. So check it out. I am still re-vamping a whole bunch of pages still...>< And also another installment of Sailor Moon FF7: The Lifestream War! (lets refer to it as SMFF7:TLSW for now okay?)See you!
December 23rd
Yup...I finally got offa my butt and did some updating! Whoo-hoo!!! There's a new section at Sins and a bunch of re-vamps to certain pages...I have to keep on re-vamping now.....Oh...BTW....I promise I'll fix all those broken links to the Random Rambles!!
June 30th
I finally got the Adoption page up! Ain't that just swell! It's at Orphanage if you haven't guessed it. Soon.I shall have of them up....soon..*starry eyes* *_*
June 8th
Whoa...way too long...but VERY worth it you guys!!! I got my scanner working again! Now y'all can see stuff I draw again. And wow...it's yet another whooper!!!! 15 new pics in the Art Room!!! All of them are hand drawn!!! Can you believe it?! Now get in there and look at them!!! In all their glory! Yay!!! *dances around*
April 21st
Yay!!!! My ever so nice and lovely sister contributed to the fanart section with a lovely picture of herself and Rufus. *laughs* Finally...someone else's picture. Oh, yes...I put up two new pictures as well. Tee-hee.
April 13th
Yay.....well......small stuff...added in an award and gift..and added some links...it is all.
April 5th
Hey!! New Sailor Moon Fanart in the Art Room!!! Another Chapter of the Silence Fic!!! And guess what?! After much neglection...I got two chapters of Reflections up!!! Isn't that great?!
March 22st
2 new stories of Saint Seiya. They are aclled Saints All-Star and a poem for Mime March 21st
Yay!!! Two funny list for Saint Seiya and a parody song!!! Mind the bad lanuage here and there!!! And guess what? This webmisstress actually took the time to do more stuff!! That's right! Now you got some backgrounds and buttons and all that stuff you love to put on your computer screen.... March 18th
Mwa ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaa!! Mega kupo manga biggo ell updato!!! I made anew section in the Art Room. Over 10 pics have made it there! Now there's Saint Seiya too!!! And a new Saint Seiya fic in the Library! Have a nice day!!
February 26th
Nothing much new. But one more chapter of the Silence fic.
January 28th
Happy New and Happy Chinese New Year people!! Yes, it has been a long time hasn't it? Well, here is some news for you!! I madeup some new sections. I am now accepting submissions of Fanart and Fanfiction. The Submission guide will tell you all what I will and won't accept. And I am hosting the Bishounen No Miko Webring. So if you have a site that desperately needs some major hits at the moment...come and fill out a form. Yes, and I had also did some rearranging in the art room. It's so messy. And that's all!!!
December 26th
I put up the Final Fantasy Section with a new image gallery from FF7.
December 25th
New story called Cinder-Keily in da library!! Written by me again. I hope someone else writes and sends in stories besides me!!!
December 24th
Yay hey!! I did another update!! A new story in the library called the Ninja Girls. And a gift for Eregil of BoaN in the Art Room. Merry Christmas!!
December 21
New pictures in the gallery. I'm very christmasy this time of year, ha ha....And two new chapters of Silence are finally up. Heh heh...and I also got up two new digimon fics in the library.
December 16
There's two new links in the links page. Three new piccys in the art room. Two new poems in the Library.
December 9
I got a new piccy in the Art Gallery!!!! Yay!!!
November 18
Hey, hey! I finally got the hang of frames. And in favor of that...I had made two new shrines!! One for Gundam Wing and Digimon. That's all for now.
October 29 part 2
I have created ...Silence... It is a page dedictaed to the, seemingly neverending, tale of the members of the Silence, Vincent Valentine Message Board. You should read it. It's very nice. Took me awhile to do....and plan out and....
October 29
I have put up a picture of myself in the About Me page.
October 13
Today is Vincent's B-day!!! Praise the lord!! And in honor of his b-day I put up the Vincent shrine and Vincent B-day page. I also put up the links pages if you get bored staying here...of which I hope you won't...Yeah...
October 10 part 2
I've done yet another speedy update. There are now thumbnails in the Art Gallery. Hmm....I have nothing else to report. Oh, yeah...I got a banner for the site!!! Yaaaaaah!! Rejoice people!!! The site finally has a banner!!! Yeah!! Oh, yeah!! But I have to find a red one. The blue is sorta clashing with the red font. Oh, well. May be some other day.
October 10
I have put up an About Me page. Go check it out. And I have finally put up some midi on my page. I couldn't stand the silence. Well...see ya next update.
October 9
There is now an Awards Page. That's all for updating today. It's time for cooking and thanks giving!! ^_^Oh, yeah. I put up all the stories and art, too. So have fun reading and browsing.
October 4th
Okay...Today...I have finally put something. I have put up the Art Room and the Library. Only a couple of the stories are there but still good enough, right? Okay. That's all for now.

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