A Change of Seasons

By: Arckra

Part VII: The Crimson Sunset

The sun's golden rays began to fade back into the horizon as this lone figure sat in the grass. Behind it, stood four other figures. They watched the sun as a sort of sad calmness loomed the area.

One of the wardran stepped forward, kneeling before the figure before him. “Young Master Manifestation, your father approaches.”

Manifestation nodded, looking back to the voice. “Thank you Terran.”

Terran nodded, stepping back to Caster and setting his hand into his fellow wardran’s.

They watched Manifestation, the son of Shino. He looked all like his father and was rightfully named after a powerful wardran in his father's life. Manifestation, like the one he was named after, had power.

Shino came from behind as he sat next to his son. Only a few years had passed, but the curse set upon him was taking its toll. Shino had found his body becoming tired and feeble as the mark on his forehead faded with the passing years.

Manifestation felt tears roll down his small cheeks, his arms wrapping around his father as the sun became a distinct crimson.

Shino saw this too, his arms wrapping around his son. His time had come. His life was done. “Seize the day and don't you cry, now is time to say good bye. Even though I'll be gone, I will live on.”

Manifestation let out a sob as his father faded away. The symbol on his forehead had gone and faded. Only the whisper of Shino’s voice echoed through the air. “…live on..”

~ ... ~

The sounds of footsteps echoed through the tranquility in the boundaries of the Somnium Limbo.  Two lone figures walked through the vast whiteness.  One was a mighty figure as the other could only be described as a hero.  He had single handily destroyed the New Continent and saved the Old Continent.  He was the warrior, Shino Caelestis, and the savior of the Old Continent.

No one knows what became of Ariketon after the destruction of the New Continent.  Some say the humans' faith in him faded, and they turned to the other gods to worship.

The gates to the Tripudium Sanctum opened slowly, revealing the utopia that Shino had dreamed of all of his life.  Familiar faces came to him.  He was greeted by warm embraces and friendly handshakes.  The crowd soon parted, allowing two elder wardran through.  One, Arishawn and the other, Deccanter.

A proud father held his son.  He kissed his child's forehead and allowed the grandfather to greet him.  Tears came to Shino eyes as he embraced his grandfather.  He was the very reason Shino left in the first place.  Now, they were united again, they were three generations who would spend an eternity of bliss and joy together.  Just as Myris, the god of war, had intended for his creation.

Shino walked the vast fields in the Sanctum.  He explored this place, yet it seemed so familliar to him.  It had felt that he had lived here for all of his life.  But, he felt incomplete.  In the entirety of the warm welcome he had recieved, all but one was there.  Shino was determined to find him.

Out of the vastness of these fields was a single being.  He sat alone on the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea below.  Hazel pools searched the cool waters, watching the fish swim as dolphins danced in the waves.  His ears lifted slowly, but his head didn't turn as he listened to what approached behind him.

Shino smiled as he came up from behind and sitting next to the lone figure, he gently set his head on the other's shoulder.  Wings wrapped about the two bodies as both held eachother close.  Shino allowed his dark brown eyes to come to a slow close, his lips parting to speak the words, "I evol uoy Mana."

~ The End ~

Yes, and this is the extended ending.  This is what I hoped for during the entire story.  Anyhow, yea this is it.  Its over and I finished!  Whee!  Well what did you expect!?  All wardran are MALES.  Hehe, anyways questions or comments are greatly appreciated... just.. no anti-yaoi (homosexual) flames.  If you do, I go to the little delete button and I CLICK it.

Finished November 5, 2002

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