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Last Updated on March 10th, 2003
My main site with a mix of game and anime! Oh, yeah, don't forget books and movies. Currently re-vamping and nearly done. Just two more sections to go!! ^_^ If you're the 3000 visitor give me a call and I'll do a request picture or request fic for you.

~*Sisterly Love*~
A Shrine for two characters I love to torture (Persea anyways). They're from different Saint Seiya fics, but they do have a connection. Hades is their father. ^_^

My second baby project. A crossover fic between FF7 and Sailor Moon, but it's not like any Sailor Moon FF7 crossover you've ever seen. No more Serena falling in love with Sephiroth or Vincent...hell no! It's totally different!!

Silence Webring Book Series(still in construction...maybe if you bother me more by e-mail...I'll work on it)
My first baby project where me and the people of the Silence Messageboard get sucked into the world of FF7. ^_^ It's quite amusing and it's quite long. We have to find outr way out of our current mess, but hey, cute guys and girls. How could we refuse? ~_^

Fantasy Agent Official Website
My latest baby project. Fantasy Agent. It's about three agents who have just graduated from Agent school and are assigned upon many missions by their crazy, crazy boss who used to be their science professor. These three wind up in many different adventures as they begin to reveal a plot to destroy all agencies...many adventures, different gadgets, and a helluva lot of flashbacks!

The Slash Gene Project
Dear God in heaven...what have I done?! I blame Seiji for getting this project started at all. God dammit...why do I even listen to him?! I am sooooo going to kill him one of these days!!! Neways...this is a site (a bit of a joke, but a good one none the less) dedicated solely to the Slash Gene Project where I get to screw around with the genetic codes of the guy assassins from WeiB Kreuz and make new bishounen and bishoujo using cloning technology from an evil organization from Ku-Ro-Ki. >.
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