Prince Charming
I often feel that most men would be content to have someone cook and clean for them, reminding them occasionally why you can't wear sneakers to formal affairs, no matter how clean they are. Women, on the other hand, seem above all else to value trust and commitment. There's too many people putting far too much emphasis on money, fame, and looks. The women with that special someone in their life, know they have something money just can't buy. It might be nice to live in a castle, but castles have been known to be cold and uninviting. The search is to find someone warm and inviting, who you can trust. I wrote this lighthearted poem for those women who have found what others have missed, realizing what the true treasures are in their life.
Lovely Little Beach
I wrote this poem for my wife. It takes me back to when things were still new and unknown between us, when a chance to just sit and talk would reveal things about us that weren't known prior. This was the first time I had taken my wife to what was easily my favorite beach while I was growing up. We packed a small cooler and walked hand in hand through the woods, along the same trails I had taken as a kid. Even though summer had long passed, it was an unusually warm day, so we were very comfortable and had the beach all to ourselves.
What we both realized that day was how comfortable we were with each other, sitting and chatting the day away about everything and nothing. All these years later, I still think of that day as our favorite date. What makes this poem even more special and significant is that our beach no longer exists, due to lakeside development, leaving us only with our memories of those days.
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