Ever since I was old enough to leave home, there has only been one place where I wanted to be for Christmas - back home. Those feelings have never changed, but now the home where I want to be is my own, and instead of receiving gifts, the joy I get now is in watching my own kids as they experience all the joy of this holiday. It's really amazing when you make the transition from the home you knew as a kid to the home where you raise your own kids. Even after I was married, I had still considered home to be where my Mom and Dad lived. It wasn't until I had kids of my own that I realized the torch was passed. We were now the parents and home became where our kids were. The traditions that made the holidays so special for me as a kid, would now be passed on to my own kids. When I see the excitement in their eyes, it gives me a better understanding of how my own parents must have felt all those years ago, seeing my own excitement during the holidays. It's nice to recall those years of my youth, but my place now is to try and give my own kids the same kind of love and affection that my parents gave to me, and then they too will yearn for home during the holidays.
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