A Poem is...
The true meaning of a poem isn't found in words that rhyme.
It's beauty flows through every word - those subtle and sublime.
A poem has no boundaries so you'll never be fenced in.
They're funny, sad, good and bad, society's verbal twin.
A poem is born through feelings, often written from the heart.
So if something stirs the passion in you, jot it down, for it is art.
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Thanks for visiting, and I hope you are entertained by at least SOME of my writing. I haven't indexed anything, so you won't be sure what style of writing you will encounter until you click on a title. Just keep browsing and you will surely come across something you like. Everyone has different tastes, and luckily, so does my writing. It's all here somewhere - rhyme, free-verse, songs, stories, silly and simple, heartfelt and deep. Hopefully, you come across a few things you like, that make the trip worth taking.
Take your time and enjoy!
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While browsing the poems on the lower LEFT, you will notice a small bio next to most of them. If you are one of the few people left who STILL has a dial up modem, you can read the bio of each poem while waiting for the picture/poem to download. I've also limited myself to no more than 2 poems per page to make for quicker viewing.
The link on the lower RIGHT will take you to "many, many more poems", where you will find a wider variety of my writing, with better graphics and more features.
Have fun reading and feel free to comment on what you like or don't like.
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