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All movies on this site are reviewed by us on a system of 5 possible Severed Heads. Here's how the system goes:
Updated: Nov. 10, 2004
5 Severed Heads- The Best of the Worst!
A classic bad movie!
4 Severed Heads- Ooh, so close! An above average film in the category of bad taste
3 Severed Heads- Amazing! I only vomited twice!
2 Severed Heads- Must...finish...watching...  this...movie... Ooh, Look! A Bird!
1 Severed Head- Eh, it's still better than Tootsie.
NO Severed Heads- Why oh why did I watch this movie!?
Connoisseurs of Bad Taste since April 07, 2003
The only criteria for our rating system is how much fun the movie was to watch and how much it made us laugh. Our desire to see the movie again also helps.
That's not at all to say that we think movies with low ratings suck.
We like all these movies (even the ones we give "bad" reviews to) or else we wouldn't take the time to review them.
Some we just like better than others.
They can't all be good bad movies after all
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